Full Blown Star Wars the Force Awakens Trailer Drops

The word on the street has been that the full Star Wars trailer would be shown before The Avengers, but we also figured it would probably pop up when we least expect it, much like the last time. There’s the big Star Wars event coming up, and you know that if the trailer is indeed playing before The Avengers, a version shot with an iPhone will pop up everywhere.

So now, weeks ahead of both the Star Wars celebration and the opening of The Avengers, the full trailer is now indeed everywhere, and we think it looks pretty cool. It’s a little longer than the first teaser trailer, and it’s got a nice blend of new and old.

We won’t give away too much, even though you’ve probably seen it by now, but you hear a voice, apparently Mark Hamill’s, who first tells us, “The force is strong in my family.” Among the images we see are a crushed version of the Darth Vader mask, a lot of scenes of the brutha in the Stormtrooper suit, a cute new female lead, some tie-fighter dog fighting, and a special cameo from Harrison Ford and Chewbacca. (We figure you’ve seen a picture by now of that at least, so hope we didn’t spoil that one for ya.)

We’re hoping for the best with this one, and this trailer looks pretty cool. While no movie can capture the wonder and magic of what the first Star Wars felt like, we think the JJ Abrams model Star Wars could still be pretty good.