From Star Trek to Green Lantern

This has reported in all caps (literally) as a RUMOR and UNCONFRIMED, and as a rumor it’s certainly gotten a lot of traction in a hurry, so again, as we always warn here on TG, this is indeed an unconfirmed rumor and treat it as such.

As superhero mania is peaking, you’re probably wondering if there’s plans to reboot the Green Lantern, especially with the Justice League movie in the works for the end of the decade. Now Slash Film has posted the rumor that Chris Pine might be taking over, though we’re not sure in what capacity, whether it’s in a solo film, or as part of Justice League.

Star Trek 3 will be up and running soon, so we don’t know if Pine would be available to take over, but a lot of fans would love to see Green Lantern come back. The movie with Ryan Reynolds definitely got a bad rap, and again, considering every movie and superhero is being rebooted, why not the Green Lantern? (Wouldn’t be a bad idea for a cable show these days either.)

If all goes according to plan, the character should get his own spinoff film by 2020, that’s if superhero mania keeps going that long, and it would be interesting to see Pine embody a superhero some day once his Trek duties are cleared out of the way.