The Divergent Series Apparently Isn’t Getting Much Better

When you see scenes from Insurgent, it reminds you of The Hunger Games. In fact, we at TG have called Insurgent Hunger Games lite, and Hunger Games can be seen as Battle Royale lite.

So now Divergent’s next chapter, Insurgent, is coming next week, and according to the reviews, the series hasn’t gotten much better since the first one.

The Wrap calls it “YA cinema’s most generic franchise…snazzy effects and slumming Oscar-winners aside, not much makes this film stand out from its many competitors…” Variety writes, “With another year to go before things get really interesting in the Divergent series, this sci-fi sequel rehashes much of what we already learned in the first movie.”

And Hollywood Reporter writes, “The future is vividly rendered, the drama more arbitrary than convincing.” So we’re not sure if teen dystopia is going to stick around much longer, and maybe Divergent and Hunger Games will be on time finishing up by next year before young adults move on to something else.