Avengers Age of Ultron Box Office Predictions

This year, we’ll see two ginormously awaited sequels, Avengers Age of Ultron, and Star Wars The Force Awakens, hit theaters. The second Avengers is just around the corner, coming on May 1, and predictions for the box office are predictably big.

How big? Cinema Blend reports that current estimates are at $217 million for the opening weekend. (The first Avengers made $207 million opening weekend, and even if predictions are only ten million more than before, that’s still a huge opening any way you slice it.

As one analyst told Bloomberg, “This film has to be big.” Does anyone doubt it will be? But as this source reports, “Everything [Disney has] said for quite a few months has been very bullish about the film segment.”

Trust us, we think Disney will do just fine this year with Avengers and Star Wars. (It also did quite well with Frozen and Big Hero Six as well.) More than how much money Age of Ultron will make, we’re really more curious good the movie is compared to the first one. We’re crossing our fingers for as good, if not better, than the original.

Another interesting footnote, Bloomberg told us that these box office predictions come from gathering data on Facebook and Twitter, among other sources, and there’s 35 million views of the trailer on Twitter, and over 18 million likes from the movie’s Facebook page.