Sony Developing an Male Ghostbusters Team Too

As any self-respecting geek knows by now, there will be a new Ghostbusters movie next summer, and it will be all female. Essentially it’s the gang behind Bridesmaids, including Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig.

Now it looks like Dan Aykroyd’s dream of another Ghostbusters, with a bunch of guys fighting ghosts, may be coming to pass as well. This is part of what’s known these days as a cinematic universe, and the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Channing Tatum could be the head ‘Buster of a new film directed by Joe and Anthony Russo (Captain America).

Sony now has a production company set up called Ghost Corps, with Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman, the original director of ‘Busters in charge. There may also be TV shows and merchandising as well.

So now that Ghostbusters is coming back, albeit in a new ‘femme form, will fans welcome a male version as well? Could having two movies like this end up being too repetitive. We say first things first, and the all female Ghostbusters is coming on July 22, 2016