Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer is Out

We see what’s going on in tiny flashes, but there is indeed a teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four, and it shows us hints of what The Thing and The Human Torch look like, as well as the entire cast in human form.

At first, we could have sworn we were watching a combination of the trailers for Interstellar and X-Men combined together, with the usual ponderous narration about sacrifice, consequences, and things “coming.” It seems this kind of thing is in a lot of superhero trailers, a group of actors looking up at some big storm, or some kind of synergetic energy forming, and bugging their eyes out in awe at what’s “coming.”

The whole shebang is less two minutes, and they don’t show enough to give you a sense of whether this could be any good or a hunk of doo-doo. In fact, this trailer could be practically interchangeable with a lot of trailers out there, but it’s only supposed to be a teaser, and they’re wise not to give away the store this early.

Fantastic Four stars Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, and it will be in theaters August 7.