Simon Pegg Working On Star Trek 3 Script

Even though Star Trek Into Darkness didn’t live up to expectations, there was never a doubt that a third Trek movie would be coming. After all, the first Star Trek movie was a dud, but then came The Wrath of Khan, and the franchise was stronger than ever.

Paramount is hoping to get the third Trek in theaters by 2016, which will be the franchise’s 50th anniversary. The problem is J.J. Abrams had to leave to make the next Star Wars movie, and screenwriter Roberto Orci, who was going to direct, just left the project.

Fast and Furious director Justin Lin is now going to helm the third Trek, and the real promising news is Simon Pegg is working on the script. We of course know Pegg from Shaun of the Dead, and as the new Scotty, and as a great geek icon with a great sense of humor, he can certainly bring a lot of good stuff to the table to help the script.

So with Paramount hell bent on getting Trek up and running to make it in time for the anniversary, we’re looking forward to the franchise having some Pegg-style wit in it when it hits theaters 2016.