Transformers Age of Extinction Could Dominate the Razzies

We all know Michael Bay has never been a critics darling, and even though his movies make a ton of money, he’s long been a whipping boy with critics, many of whom feel he embodies everything that’s wrong with Hollywood. So now it’s Razzies time again, and guess who’s up to potentially sweep it?

According to The Wrap, Transformers got seven nominations, and Kirk Cameron got six for Saving Christmas. Other “winners” this year include The Legend of Hercules, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot.

This year the Razzies are also doing a Redeemer Award for former “winners” who came out of the muck and did good work. This year Ben Affleck is up for Argo and Gone Girl (he’s certainly come a long way since Gigli), and Keanu Reeves, who’s been nominated for a whopping six Razzies, is also up for a Redeemer for his performance in John Wick.

No matter how much the critics beat up on Bay, the director should take heart that there’s plenty of Transformers fans out there who couldn’t care less about what the critics think, and who dig the franchise regardless. In fact, as Bay alumni have told me, the audience being entertained is what’s most important to him, not the critics, and again, Transformers has a loyal fanbase who keep coming back for more, so what else could he ask for?