Chris Pine Wishes Jack Ryan Did Better

Most people probably know Chris Pine as the new Captain Kirk, and he almost revitalized another franchise, Jack Ryan. But it didn’t take off, and Pine has recently expressed his disappointment with this.

Pine told the Hollywood Reporter, “We didn’t totally get that right,” which is a shame because Pine seemed to be a good heir apparent for the role. Pine also doesn’t feel there will be a sequel, because it didn’t do that well at the box office.

Still, he added, “It’s a great franchise, and if it’s not me, then I hope it gets a fifth life at this point. It’s just great. I love the spy genre. I hope it’s done again and with a great story.”

Hollywood being Hollywood, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jack Ryan comes back to theaters again soon. As we all know, Hollywood isn’t big on new ideas these days, so if another reboot comes to theaters before the end of the decade, we wouldn’t be surprised, and maybe Pine will be available to come back again.