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Video Games Could Destroy the World in Pixels

Some time back, TG reported about a comedy in the works called Pixels. While we still haven’t had a good video game movie, and the prospect of one starring Adam Sandler doesn’t sound promising, this sounds like a fun idea for a comedy. Allow us to explain…

The advance posters for Pixels are ready, and they include a gigantic Pac Man and Donkey Kong attacking San Francisco. Adam Sandler and a group of friends who are great at playing ‘80’s video games are recruited to save the world from aliens. (Sounds a little like the Last Starfighter, and it’s an interesting premise to have video games as training against an intergalactic invasion.)

Co-starring with Sandler will be Peter Dinlage, Michelle Monaghan, Josh Gad, Brian Cox and Kevin James. Chris Columbus, writer of Goonies and Gremlins, and director of Mrs. Doubtfire, has helmed this new comedy, and we’re curious to see how video games could do in a comedy premise. Pixels is slated for release on July 24, 2015. (We like the tagline too, “The game is not over…”)