Mad Max is Finally Back

It’s been one of the longest gestation periods for any movie we can remember. The Mad Max reboot was supposed to be finished years ago, but it’s been plagued by reshoots and delays. Now, finally, it looks like Mad Max is indeed back, and he’s coming on May 15, 2015 in Fury Road.

Tom Hardy is the new Max (thank God they didn’t bring back Mel Gibson), and the trailer for Fury Road indeed looks pretty cool. George Miller, who directed the original three is back, and we’re really excited about the prospect of Mad Max being reinvented for a new generation of fans.

I can still remember seeing Mad Max and the Road Warrior for the first time when I was a kid, and being blown away by how good they both were. The Road Warrior was also one of the big movies in the magical genre summer of 1982 that gave us E.T., Tron, The Thing, Star Trek II, and more.

It’s been thirty years since the last Max movie, Beyond Thunderdome, which wasn’t great, and if Hardy can give Mad Max a great new start, we’re definitely all for it. If the movie’s even half as good as what you see in the trailer, we think it’s gonna be a knock out.