Star Wars is Blowin’ Up YouTube and Facebook

The reaction to the Star Wars trailer has been completely insane, but you knew that it would be. It not only got over 58 million views on YouTube, but it’s also been making a lot of noise on Facebook.

In today’s day and age, YouTube and Facebook are a big way to gauge movie buzz, and within the first 72 hours of the Force Unleashed trailer debuting, there were 16.7 million interactions over the movie, according to a report on The Wrap.

Yet funny enough, Jurassic World got 700,000 on Facebook when the trailer debuted, while The Force Awakened got less than 200,000. (We’re certain those numbers will keep growing.)

The trailer for Force keeps growing on YouTube as well, and it’s now up to over 63 million views, beating out Jurassic World’s 55 million views, and Avengers Age of Ultron’s 50 million views. Fifty Shades of Grey was lagging behind with a mere 36 million views its first week. While we all know Star Wars is going to be enormous, it’s also interesting to see there’s enormous interest in Jurassic World, another major geek franchise that may be on the verge of a huge reinvention as well.