Steve Jobs Movie Goes Kaput at Sony

More trouble for the Steve Jobs movie has come down, and now apparently the project is dead, as they say in the biz, at Sony, who got the official rights to Steve’s life after he passed away.

In recent weeks, Christian Bale was up to play Jobs, then he left the project at the eleventh hour. At one point, David Fincher was up to direct, and Michael Fassbinder was reportedly up for the role of Jobs as well. (Seth Rogen was also reported to be up for Seth Rogen.)

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the movie is now “in turnaround” at Sony, which means it sunk into the quagmire of development hell. Universal is now interested in acquiring the project, and Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) is still on board to direct.

We still feel an official Jobs biopic will be a very big movie, and we hope it can make it through these troubled waters for a release next year. Producer Scott Rudin is shooting for awards season next year, which means about this time in ’15, which could make very interesting counterprogramming for Star Wars.