That’s a Wrap on Star Wars Episode VII

It’s weird to read that the next Star Wars movie has wrapped production, because you’d think it would be shooting forever, and JJ Abrams was certainly worried about being able to get the movie ready in time for summer 2015, which is one of the reasons it got moved to December 2015.

Well, the reports are in that there was a big party this weekend at London’s Science Museum on Saturday that reputedly celebrated the end of the Star Wars shoot, or “the wrap party.” At this shindig were Abrams, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Andy Serkis, and Simon Pegg, who might have a role in the movie.

There was also a note posted on Twitter thanking the cast and crew for everything: “From the deserts of Abu Dhabi, to the Forest of Dean, to the stages of Pinewood, you have risen to every challenge and been as wonderfully kind as you are brilliantly talented.”

While post production on the next Star Wars movie should take God knows how long, apparently the live action part of the shoot is done, because the next James Bond film is supposed to move onto the set at Pinewood soon. The shoot may have even finished early because according to the Reporter, the last day of production was slated for November 3.