John Carpenter Loves Gaming, Has Plans For New Music

Halloween has already come and gone, and usually whenever the holiday hits, we often think of John Carpenter and his classic horror film.

Now Carpenter has talked to Deadline, and we learned several interesting facts, even though as horror fans we already know quite a bit about the guy. First of all, we didn’t know he liked video games, telling the industry site, “I’m playing Destiny right now. It’s this big $500 million game, beautiful to look at – no story whatsoever.” (You may also recall that there was a videogame for The Thing as well.)

The other interesting news is he’s got an album coming up in February with his son Cody, John Carpenter’s Lost Themes. We’ve always loved the music Carpenter composed for his films, and the prospect of an album of “lost themes” sounds great.

In fact, a John Carpenter’s greatest hits with his themes for Halloween, Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog and more would be great. We love the best of Carpenter’s work, and we’re glad to hear there will be more to enjoy in the near future. Sure it’s an album, and not another scary movie, but there’s plenty of great stuff from Carpenter’s past to enjoy. (Rolling Stone just did an article about They Live, saying it was a great slap in the face to the Reagan era.)