Hunger Games Advance Ticket Sales Off the Charts

This is certainly no surprise, but advance tracking on Hunger Games Mockingjay is enormous, and advance ticket sales have been huge.

As The Wrap tells us, advance sales for Mockingjay began on Wednesday, October 29, and it’s sold more pre-release tickets than any movie this year. reported that first day ticket sales were double what Catching Fire sold last year, and AMC will also be running a Hunger Games marathon with the first two movies the day before Mockingjay hits theaters.

Deadline reports that Mockingjay sales on MovieTickets have exceeded Guardians of the Galaxy first day advance ticket sales, and Mockingjay’s first day sales made up 70% of Fandango’s ticket sales yesterday.

So it looks as if dystopian stories are still what’s hot in theaters, and The Hunger Games should finish strong when the saga finally wraps up next year.