Seth Rogen Up to Play Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs Bio

The rights to Steve Jobs’s life were sold to Sony just after he passed away, and since then, reports have popped up here and there on the film, but there hasn’t been much substantial news as of late until Christian Bale officially signed on. Now another familiar face is coming aboard to play Steve Wozniak.

As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, Seth Rogen is up to play Steve Wozniak, and we think he’s a good choice. We’re certainly very high on Bale playing Jobs, and feel he’s the best actor to play the famously mercurial tech genius.

Rogen has a lot of potential to make a great foil to Bale, and with a script by Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) on board to direct, this could end up being the biopic Jobs deserves.