More Interstellar Details Leak

While the promotion for Interstellar hasn’t been as over the top as a superhero movie, there’s no denying from seeing the trailers that it’s going to be a real big deal when it’s released on November 7. While everything’s been naturally top secret for a while, we now know a few more details we didn’t have previously.

In the Hollywood Reporter cover story, apparently the film is indeed about wormholes as has been previously reported, and it looks like that indeed it is what’s being called a “cli-fi” movie. Apparently Matthew McConaughey has to go through the wormhole to find another planet we can live on, because life on earth is coming to an end.

Interstellar was originally written for Steven Spielberg, and director Christopher Nolan was clearly influenced by 2001. “One of my earliest movie memories is my dad taking me to see 2001 in Leicester Square on the big screen,” Nolan said. “It was such an extraordinary feeling: to be taken off this planet and to the furthest reaches of the universe. It has really been an ambition of mine: If I ever had the opportunity to get involved in a large-scale science fiction project, something about exploring our universe, I would try to seize the opportunity.”

In trying to follow in Kubrick’s footsteps, Nolan said he was “massively” intimidated, “but you’re also inspired.”