The Star Wars Rebels Plan

Star Wars Rebels has already gotten renewed for a second season, and the early reviews are pretty decent. You get the impression it’s more kid oriented than Clone Wars, but that may be expected considering Disney rules the empire now.

So now that another Star Wars movie is coming next Xmas, what are the future plans for Rebels? As we all know, there’s going ot be many spin-offs of the famous space opera to come, with Rebels being one of many tales in the Star Wars universe.

Dave Filoni, the executive producer of the show, told Collider the initial idea was to do a Star Wars A-team that fought for Jedi justice. Filoni is also hoping for a several season arc. “I am a very big stickler about a game plan,” Filoni said. “I don’t like to stick to it, but I need to know where we’re going.”

He’s not sure if the Rebels episodes will have a different perspective for viewers once they see Episode VII, “I definitely know people did that when they watched Clone Wars, and then went back and watched the prequels. As much as some people might think it narrows things, it actually opens up opportunities and gives a greater understanding. I can’t really speak to the other stories yet, except to say that it’s just an exciting time to be a part of Star Wars, and to be a Star Wars fan.”