Thank You For the Dredd Support

We at TG had very high hopes for the Dredd movie, and while it wasn’t a big hit, it did give the character justice, and redeemed it from the awful Stallone version. Fans are still pining for a sequel, and maybe the demand will make it happen.

Much like Pacific Rim, which wasn’t as big of a hit, the fans loved it, and there’s apparently enough goodwill from the fans out there that a sequel is in development. There’s also been a lot of fans who have been trying to get a Dredd sequel up and running by petitions and sheer force of will. It hasn’t happened yet, but Olivia Thirlby, who starred in Dredd, really appreciates the effort.

As Thirlby told IGN, “It means everything.” The online petition has gotten over 125,000 signatures so far, and Thirlby continued, “Thank you so much for the petition that you made to try to get us a sequel. If you haven’t signed it yet, please go do it, because we really want to bring you a Dredd 2.”

And again, if enough people demand it, maybe there will be more Dredd in the future. (A movie where he fights the evil judges, like Judge Death, Fire, Mortis, and Fear would be amazing.)