Bryan Singer Back For X-Men Apocalypse

When the X-Men movies lost their way, it was great news to hear that Bryan Singer was back in the director’s chair. And indeed, X-Men: Days of Future Past once again delivered the goods, and brought the series back. (Singer’s return also brought a sh*theap of money back to the franchise, $746 million world-wide on Past.)

The news soon got out that X-Men Apocalypse would be the next film in the series, and now it’s official that Singer will indeed be back to direct. Deadline tells us that Fox indeed has closed the deal for it to happen, and it is official.

Also back is screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who scripted the last X-Men, and production will be ready to roll next year for a May 27, 2016 release date. Making Apocalypse the next in the series had been rumored for some time, and like every Marvel film these days, it was made official in the post-credits sequence.

For those unfamiliar with Apocalypse, he’s a villain with mutant powers who has been a long time nemesis of the X-Men, and he was first introduced in the series in 1986.