It’s Okay For Hollywood To Use Drones

You just knew that when you saw footage from a drone that many directors in Hollywood would love to get their hands on one and do some amazing cinematography with it. Just imagine what Spielberg or Scorsese could do with one.

Now a number of Hollywood trades have told us, the FAA has approved shooting with drones in American airspace. As the chairman of the MPAA told The Hollywood Reporter, this is a “great victory,” and it “encourages cutting edge technology to make movies more imaginative.”

According to the Reporter, there have been regulations to get over before directors could use drones in movies, but now the way has been cleared, and the FAA acknowledged flying drones to make movies isn’t a threat to anyone’s airspace or security.

As the Reporter points out, drones have been used in Expendables 3, and for Game of Thrones. We’re also curious what this could mean for Batman Vs. Superman, which may have the bat-drones from the Kingdom Come comic series. Either way, we’re looking forward to seeing what can be done with drones in films.