Robopocalypse is Spielberg’s next sci-fi film

The Quebec Film Commission has confirmed that producer/director Steven Spielberg’s upcoming film, Robopocalypse, will begin shooting next summer in Montreal.

Speilberg has apparently been working with DreamWorks and Fox on the planning phases of the project since way back in 2008.

Pre-production will begin early next year, which means the director will start to audition actors and make the final changes to the script so shooting can begin.

Robopocolypse is based on the Daniel H. Wilson novel by the same name, and tells the story of a rogue artificial intelligence, which begins to take control of the world’s electronics, Skynet style, and carry out attacks on mankind.

The novel follows several small groups of survivors, detailing their resistance and eventual escape from  eradication. 

This is certainly not a new plot – as it’s basically the same as Terminator, one of the most popular fiction franchises in the English speaking world.

Still, it does cover some new ground thematically, as the story focuses on the plausibility of a real robotics attack, and intends to be more speculative, and less fantastic than other, similar stories (the novel received mixed reviews when first released).

Production of Robopocalypse is slated to kick off in March 2012, and should hit theaters by summer 2013.