Trailer drops for Snow White and The Huntsman

Universal has released the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman.

A while back, the studio proclaimed that the film would be different from the traditional Snow White story we all know and love. This was made fairly apparent by the character posters revealed at ComicCon.

There, we caught a glimpse of Kristen Stewart decked out as a warrior, complete with plate armor and a giant shield. But the trailer shows us even more.

Clearly, Universal’s adaption of the tale is not just different from every Snow White story we know: It’s actually not even the story of Snow White.

I mean, making her an adult, rather than a baby when the order comes down to have her killed is one thing. But this is a totally different story about a girl who acts like Joan of Arc, fearlessly leading charging armies and swinging clanging swords.

Is she even the princess of the kingdom? Obviously, there is still an evil queen and a magic mirror, but that may well be all that is left of the old tale in this new take.

According to the press material we’ve got so far, the story will depict the relationship between Snow and the man sent to kill her, thus the title, but it’s not exactly a romance, and she will still end up in the arms of the prince at the end.

The trailer shows the film to be a work of style and visuallyl stunning, but we can already tell that Stewart’s performance will be wooden as usual, so don’t expect too much there. Hopefully, the talented action hero Chris Hemsworth, as the Huntsman, will be able to breathe some life into what looks so far like a pretty, but somewhat, hollow film.

The other Snow White film in post-production, Mirror Mirror doesn’t have a trailer out yet, and might very suffer from the an audience perception of me-too-ness. Expect to see a trailer for that film very soon, even if it’s a poor one. They’ll need to rush on this to keep any mind-share. Luckily for them, Mirror Mirror launches first.

Snow White and the Huntsman is slated to hit theaters on June 1, 2012, while Mirror Mirror will be out on March 16, 2012.