Game of Thrones: The Season of Ice and Fire – Spoiler Alert

The final episode of season six of Game of Thrones’ is what we’ve all been waiting for since the beginning of the series.

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched the episode yet, do not read further until you do. You have been warned.

The predictions about Jon Snow’s lineage the minute he was introduced as Ned Stark’s bastard finally came to rest. Everybody knew Ned Stark was far too honourable to father a Snow.

Between the first season and the finale of season six, actions and their consequences have come full circle.

Tommen’s calm jump to his death from a window pane was a chilling reminder of how carelessly Jamie had pushed Bran Stark (albeit at Cersei’s insistence) out of the window. The things we do for love, right?

The witch’s prophecy about Cersei appears to have reached its final stage: there is a raging darkness in her surroundings– her dark leather costumes, her display of emotional strength after Tommen’s death and her mad desire for revenge.  

For all that Jamie had professed to her before Edmure Tully, it appears that he might have to be a Kingslayer twice.

Queen mother Cersei Lannister (Photo: Screenshot)

And speaking of Frey pies– they have a way of exacting revenge in the series. Arya’s quickness of movement made up for her painfully slow trajectory in Braavos over the last two seasons.

Death was swift for Walder Frey: Arya’s actions avenged the ruthless massacre at the Red Wedding and offered gratification for the shock it had caused its audience.

With Lord Varys teleporting (or so it seems) and gathering an army for Danaerys, the ships are finally ready with Targaryan sails. The makers of the show must have realised how bored we were with Varys and Tyrion’s slow escape to Meeren.

This season was perhaps the best one yet because it broke several stereotypes– male-centric plots, the first glimpse of male genitalia and female leaders and usurpers. It has also moved beyond heteronormative relations, with Yara Greyjoy coming out as a lesbian and Loras Tyrell’s acceptance of his sexuality before the High Septon.

Ned and his sister Lyanna (Photo: Screenshot)

The season finale was the best episode thus far: it was pacy and tied up loose ends, while continuing to retain suspense about Littlefinger’s motive behind manipulating Sansa. There are still speculations over what Benjen Stark really meant when he said:

Wall’s not just ice and stone. Ancient spells are carved into its foundations-strong magic, to protect men from what lies beyond. While it stands, the dead cannot past.

Is it a reference to the mythical ice-dragon beyond the wall that Old Nan used to tell Jon about? Or is it Valyrian magic?

Whatever was lacking in season five in terms of plot, which was too scattered, or spectacle, of which season five offered none, every episode in the latest season kept fans on the edge of their seats.

And in case you were enchanted by the haunting piano that played in the background during the trial, listen to it here.