Two Marvel Characters Who Need Some Love and Attention

When you think of superheroes, which ones come to mind? Batman or Iron Man maybe, perhaps Captain America or the X-Men. These characters are constantly showing up on big screens everywhere. And while they are interesting and exciting, along with several other good and bad guys, they can get a little dull when you see them enough times. But there are a couple of characters that often don’t get a lot of fanfare that are worthy of consideration. The first is the Hulk.

Of course, the Hulk has been a staple of entertainment over the years. There was the late ’70s/early ’80s show starring the great Lou Ferrigno. And in recent years, he has been featured in several movies. Although the Hulk has some diehard fans, he always feels like a bench player, like he’s not in the upper echelon of superheroes. Look at the two films that were just about him, for example. Both are considered sub-par, with the more recent one labeled “one of the worst movies Marvel has ever put its name on” in an article on Vox.

So, what gives? Is the Hulk just one of those characters whose story doesn’t translate well to the screen? Maybe that’s true and why he’s had better success as more of a role player in the Avengers movies. In any case, it often feels as though the Hulk is given short shrift and that he deserves more.

And it isn’t just in the movies where the Hulk is getting shafted. While there are tons of great games featuring superheroes, there are very few he gets to star in. One of those is a game within Betfair’s slots. Incorporating cinematic elements of the Hulk, the game is fun and a nice starring role for the green guy. Betfair also has a slots game featuring another Marvel character who seems to have been all but forgotten: Blade.

Perhaps the Blade movies came out too early, before this big superhero explosion. The first two are widely considered to be good, but it’s that last one that most people remember (and would probably like to forget) that put a damper on the character and seemed to have shut down the series completely. However, if you are a fan of the vampire hunter, there’s some good news: It’s very possible that he might soon be making a comeback. In a recent article on Bloody Disgusting, Wesley Snipes suggested that another film could be in the works. But before that happens, he might just show up in one of these places.

To make things even more interesting, Bleeding Cool says that a different kind of Blade character will be introduced into the comic world: the daughter of Blade. Apparently plans are already in place for a movie featuring this female Blade. Perhaps this will spur on the popularity of the Blade universe and lead to good things for fans, like new Blade games.

Both the Hulk and Blade are great characters who ought to be given their due. There is definitely a place for them in the ever-expanding superhero universe.