Scribd Offers Comics Archive By Subscription

When magazines started transferring their archives to CD-roms, it was a great boon to researchers. Instead of going through piles of back issues, you could put a disc in your computer and look up decades of articles.

Now Scribd will have over 10,000 comics you can download from Marvel and other companies. As Wired tells us, for $8.99, you can subscribe and have access to tons of comics in the Scribd archive.

The Vice President of the company said, “We’re really tailoring our service to die-hard voracious readers, and we’re servicing publishers to bring them this audience that we have.” And as Wired points out, this could be part of what’s being considered “the Subscription Economy,” where fans are more into subscribing to archive services like this.

In addition, Scribd has a “binge button,” where you can go from issue to issue and binge on a series, much like binge watching a show. Again, these days it’s much easier to access your comics in digital form than going through a big pile of them in the closet, although that’s good fun too, but how cool is it that you can carry them around in your pocket, much like your album collection on iTunes?