Avengers Age of Ultron Impresses

So the trailer for Avengers Age of Ultron has leaked, but we’re wondering. Something tells us that maybe it didn’t leak, because it’s now everywhere, and there hasn’t been a huge effort to try and bring the trailer down at all.

In fact, we even got linked e-mailed to us from Disney the night of the alleged leak with a note encouraging us to share it with our friends. So maybe the news that the trailer was going to premiere next Tuesday on an episode of SHIELD was a ruse, but in any event, we did see the trailer, and it is indeed very impressive. (The only mis-step to us was the silly rendition of the Pinocchio song “I’ve Got No Strings,” which Ultron quotes in one segment.)

As James Spader told Total Film and Collider, “There’s a humorous aspect to [Ultron], which is something that drew me in from the very first conversation I had with Joss Whedon. In many ways he’s a child, this character, because he’s a brand new being who’s just come to be. And yet, through artificial intelligence, he has an incredible capacity for knowledge. So he’s a very powerful, smart child…He is psychopathic. He’s really batsh*t crazy!”

We have the feeling that Joss Whedon may deliver a film as good, if not better, than the first Avengers, which is certainly a tough feat, but the fans expect it these days. Can Age of Ultron deliver this? We all know it’s going to make a ton of money opening weekend, but it will really have some serious legs if it indeed can blow away the original.