Chakra Movie in the Works

There was a point some years back where Hollywood was going to Bollywood for funding, and now Bollywood may help a new superhero reach the big screen.

Chakra was created back in 2011, and now the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Bollywood producers have contacted Stan Lee about doing a Chakra movie. (There was a cartoon version that played on TV in India in 2013.)

Lee said in a statement, “We’ve set up some great meetings already with some of the most amazingly talented actors and directors in Indian cinema, and I have no doubt that these individuals will help make the Chakra film a massive hit in India and around the globe.”

This news was announced at Comic-Con in New York, and in addition to Chakra, we also have Avengers Age of Ultron and Ant-Man coming next summer (in May and July respectively), a Doctor Strange movie, which is tentatively planned for 2016, Captain America 3, a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, and the NetFlix Marvel series. Maybe Chakra will finally give us a true Bollywood blockbuster in America and everywhere else.