The Flash is Apparently a Winner

Not only are there more superheroes than we know what to do with at the movies, there’s also going to be more superheroes than we know what to do with on television. Gotham has debuted to good reviews and ratings, and The Flash is apparently another winner.

Debuting on the CW, The Flash got good early notices, with the Hollywood Reporter calling it “a fun new drama that’s right on brand and gives the audience – all ages of it – something to root for.” Not only did the Reporter find the show “very well done,” it’s also “wholly entertaining.”

Vulture called the show “surprisingly charming,” and enjoyed the lack of dark pretention that’s plagued so many superhero stories. “Dark and gritty may have revolutionized superhero movies, but there’s something primally appealing about the sight of an earnest, uncomplicated hero instinctively doing what’s right.”

While it’s nice that Hollywood is taking comics more seriously, it’s also nice to see a new superhero adaptation that’s fun and apparently doesn’t take itself too seriously. These days, there’s much better storytelling on TV than in the movies, and maybe it’s better The Flash is on TV instead of trying a run for the big screen. Things can grow much better on TV these days, and he’s probably got a better shot there in the long run.