In Zurich, Blockchain Entrepreneur Guy Galboiz Is Not Wasting Time

The world has seen a lot of revolutionary technologies in the past few decades. From computers to laptops, and laptops to smartphones, technology has changed the way people interact and communicate. While these technologies exploded pretty quickly, there are some that need a little bit of understanding before they take over the world. One of those technologies is Blockchain. Blockchain is exploding too, but you could say that these explosions are taking place underground. Soon, the world will realize the importance of blockchain technology and what its potential is.

The best person to talk about this technology is Guy Galboiz, a successful and renowned investor of the technology. Before he became an investor in blockchain, he was a believer. It is his belief that has made him such a successful investor and a representative of the blockchain world.

An Understanding of Technology

Guy Galboiz has been very active in educating people about the technology. He wants everyone to know how the technology works before they jump in it as investors. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger in the cyber world. Every transaction that someone makes gets recorded on this ledger. However, the beauty of this ledger is that it is not stored on just one computer. Being a decentralized technology, everyone who uses the technology has access to this ledger. When someone makes a transaction, it updates on the ledger of every single person who has access to it.

What this means is that there is no central body controlling this ledger, and hence there is no chance of tampering either. The important thing here is that every time a transaction appears on blockchain, a block is created. This block contains the information from the first transaction ever made on blockchain to the last one. This makes blockchain safe and cryptocurrencies the safest currencies out there.

Guy Galboiz Talks about Cryptocurrencies

According to Guy Galboiz, people must understand that for cryptocurrencies to exist, there has to be a system. Cryptocurrency is like a number in the digital world, and nothing else. This number in the digital world will only have value when it is a part of a system. Take the example of a train ticket. A ticket has value only when you are at a terminal. You can’t buy a house and pay in the form of train tickets. On the other hand, a train ticket does have value at the station.

In a similar way, a cryptocurrency needs a system within which it has some value. Outside of that system, it might not have any value at all, but it is a valuable currency within the system. The good news is that more and more people are becoming aware of blockchain technology. Guy Galboiz thinks that large corporations have interest in blockchain but they don’t want to show this interest because most of the world still uses other forms of currencies. They don’t want to jump onto a new form of currency unless the old one is more prevalent, and thus more valuable.

How Was 2017 for the Blockchain According to Guy Galboiz?

Guy Galboiz thinks that 2017 was like a springboard for blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, crypto-tokens, and various blockchain-based projects. Just in 2017, nearly 450 projects were successful. There is no doubt that 2017 was a golden year for ICOs wherein $12.7 million was the average funding that each of these successful projects received. It was also the year when some of the biggest ICOs took place. You will be surprised to know that 25% of all the funds that were collected in 2017 belonged to the 10 biggest ICOs of the year.

Some of the ICOs were unbelievably huge in 2017. Either people liked the ideas of those projects or the pitch from the developers was magical. Filecoin was a huge ICO from 2017 that pitched the idea of decentralized storage and raised a total of $256 million. That’s a huge amount knowing the fact that ICOs don’t even last for more than a month usually. Similarly, another huge projects Tezos, a distributed ledger pitching the self-amending feature. Tezos was quite big at a fundraising total of $232 million. Other big ICOs include Bancor, EOS, Status, etc.

Guy Galboiz Have Higher Hopes with 2018

According to Guy Galboiz, 2018 is going to be even better than 2017. That’s a huge claim knowing that a lot of governments and regulatory authorities are considering regulations on cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. However, those regulations are not going to put people off for a long time. The public has realized that to make blockchain the technology of the planet, they will have to make it safe as well. The regulations are there to make ICOs safe only. That happened because of the buy guys who are everywhere in the world in every country, industry, business, and walk of life.

Guy Galboiz Calls Switzerland the Golden Region for Blockchain

Among the increasing buzz of blockchain around the world, Switzerland has a big role to play. According to Guy Galboiz, Swiss lands will be the golden regions for blockchain projects and cryptocurrency investors in the coming times. Many experts, online news websites, and magazines have already called Switzerland one of the top three countries for blockchain technology. The companies in Switzerland are already embracing the blockchain technology. It has to be kept in mind here that in some countries of he world, they have completely banned the use of cryptocurrencies.

Guy Galboiz says that in a large part of the world, they still take Bitcoin as a synonym of blockchain or cryptocurrency. So, when you want to know what the status of cryptocurrency is in a country, just find out about what the country says about bitcoin. Zug remains one of the regions in the world where blockchain is playing a major role as a currency. Zug wants to be the region that support, promotes and propagates new technologies. It embraced bitcoin and went to the extent of allowing citizens to pay city fees using bitcoin.

If you don’t know already, Zug is a tiny part of Zurich. Despite its size, it is competing with the Silicon Valley today. It is doing that by being the Crypto Valley. Zug is going way ahead of other regions when it comes to not only adopting blockchain technology but also using it creatively. Zug showed the world a successful use of voting platform using the blockchain.

In addition to that, the team that created Ethereum also comes from Switzerland. Guy Galboiz believes that the strict regulations of the Silicon Valley are making it irrelevant in the modern technological world. Zug, being the crypto valley today, is soon going to be in the leading position and Silicon Valley will only be following suit.

Just a few months ago, Zug was one of the best places for blockchain. However, things have only gotten better for the region as 2018 has made it the best region in the world for those who are interested in starting their blockchain companies. Switzerland has earned its name as a friendly place for blockchain companies to launch. However, the country has done it only to promote new technology and benefit from it in the coming times.

The financial developments in Switzerland that promote the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies are ongoing right now. In fact, banks are on the verge of launching products that will be based on blockchain technology. you can already tell that if a country is happy naming one of its towns Crypto Valley, then it is definitely serious with the use of the technology and its future.

Blockchain ICOs, Switzerland, and Guy Galboiz

Guy Galboiz says he is ready to invest in blockchain projects that are launching in Switzerland. He says he has a million reasons why he should be investing in the Swiss startups. According to him, Switzerland has achieved a high rank in the cryptocurrency world all of a sudden. Instead, the country has been rising slowly since last year.

While talking about the Cryptocurrency industry in Switzerland , Galboiz said, “Look at the blockchain scene in Switzerland. Just look at it. Being such a small country and still making up 14% of the international market of ICOs is a huge achievement.”

It was definitely quite a huge achievement for Switzerland when $550 million collected in the ICO funds in the last year were for Swiss projects. Just earlier, there was a name Tezos among some of the biggest ICOs of 2017. Tezos is a Swiss project. With just Tezos getting a huge investment of $232 million, it was clear that Switzerland had different plans for blockchain technology than most other countries.

There is a long list of projects that have joined the blockchain world from Switzerland. Some of the Swiss projects are as under:

  • Ecurex
  • Gatechain
  • Ethereum
  • DigitalbitBox
  • CryptoCash
  • Verso Solutions
  • SwissMine
  • WB21
  • ShapeShift
  • MoneyGrid
  • Monetas
  • Metaco
  • Lykke
  • Koina
  • Iprotus
  • IBT
  • Bitcoin Suisse AG
  • Xapo

There is no reason why startups from around the world should not be interested in Switzerland as a perfect place for blockchain.

Guy Galboiz Building His Own Crypto Hub

Guy Galboiz is one of the biggest names in Crypto investors’ community. He continues to invest in new startups not only to support them but because he believes in a world where cryptocurrencies will prevail, middlemen will disappear, and decentralization will be synonymous with security. He has been urging new investors to direct their investments in cryptocurrencies as well. According to him, “If you are investing in Forex or Stock, you are looking for a safe way to invest your money. However, if you are investing in blockchain, you are taking the risk but investing in your future at the same time.”

It was his belief in cryptocurrencies that gave him the courage to invest in this nascent industry without asking for opinions from too many people. As per his beliefs, asking too many questions from too many people keep people from taking big steps. They often end up in confusions and confusions never result in achievements.

Guy Galboiz Invites People to Invest in Blockchain

While inviting the world to invest in its future, Guy Galboiz also provides several tips on how to make safe investments. Here are some of the tips he shared about safe investments in blockchain.

  • Do not be afraid of the regulations. They are for your safety because if there is no regulation, you will never know whether or not the project you are investing in is fake or real.
  • If blockchain technology interests you, know more about it before you put your money on the line. Some people might make it sound like rocket science but at its core, it is just digital currency in its real shape and form.
  • Before you even go ahead with your investment, search for countries that have made it easy for crypto-investors. You cannot find a country that’s as friendly for cryptocurrencies, blockchain, blockchain investors, and developers as Switzerland. If you can, make Switzerland your starting point. Or better yet, make Zug the first step to the ladder.
  • Do not let price fluctuations scare you away from cryptocurrencies. Price fluctuations are so prominent in blockchain because the world is still adopting this technology. While this market has gotten bigger, it is still very small compared to other markets like Forex. For that reason, even the smallest impacts seem like big effects.
  • Keep two things in mind when investing. First, your investments could turn you into a millionare in the coming years. Two, every new investor is a step towards the future of the world where there will be no existence of fiat currencies and monopolistic control of governments and banks.

All of this knowledge coming from Guy Galboiz should be a huge inspiration for those who have been considering investing in blockchain technologies. Perhaps, his words, knowledge, and wisdom will make you know more about the technology. According to him, he considers himself successful if a person even starts searching f