6 Useful ways to maintain strong contact at a distance

Life can be complicated sometimes. Most of us have experienced at least one long-distance friendship in our lives. In fact, many of us have several such friends right now!

Long-distance romantic relationships and friendships alike can be extremely challenging, but unbelievably rewarding. Two of the key factors in any relationship – whether romantic or platonic in nature- are communication and quality time.

Luckily, long-distance communicating is easier than ever in 2018, thanks to the internet. While there are several forms of online communication, such as Skype and email, there is also a bevy of ways to communicate the good old fashioned way.

If you have a friend, who is far away from you, or romantic interest and you’re dedicated to maintaining strong contact, here are six different ideas for such communication:


When it comes to long-distance friendships and relationships, video chatting regularly is a great way to maintain strong contact.

Video chatting is the great way to stay as close to a person as it is possible online. We’re all lucky that technology has advanced so much that we can see someone’s face while we talk to them, even when we’re hundreds or thousands of miles away!

The Skype App is a convenient way to keep contact strong because it’s completely free and doesn’t require any fancy software. If you want to be able to add a more personal touch when talking to your distant friend or significant other on the phone, Skype is the way to do it.

Write handwritten letters

Some people in 2018 believe that handwritten letters are outdated. However, there are many people who would disagree and say that handwritten letters are actually the most authentic form of long-distance communication there is.

It takes time, creativity, and effort to sit down in this day and age and write a long handwritten note. Most people would opt for the convenience of quickly typing up a letter. However, handwritten notes have a certain personality and authenticity that make them so incredibly special.

Send photos

Sending photos back and forth is a great way to keep your bond strong with your remote friend or lover.

While it’s true that there are several photo-sharing apps today that allow us to post pictures for all of our “friends” and “followers” to see, sending someone a personal picture is very sentimental.

Whether it’s a picture to your friend referencing an inside joke or a fond memory or it’s an intimate picture to your long distance lover, sending photos is an effective way to maintain strong contact.

Send handmade presents

Surprising a long-distance friend or significant other with a handmade present is so thoughtful.

In a time where it’s easy to pick up the phone to call someone or send a quick text, making someone a gift requires lots of thought and effort. You can go big and make them something fancy or send them meaningful gifts like handmade jewellery, customized photo frames, or a shirt with a picture of the both of you on it.

There are so many options when it comes to handmade presents! But one thing is for sure- they’re the perfect way to maintain a strong bond despite the distance.

Write emails

The invention of email just a couple decades ago completely revolutionized communication for all of us. Emails allow you to communicate as short or long of a message as you want and your distant friend or lover can receive it immediately!

If messaging or phone calls isn’t an option due to high rates, email is a fantastic alternative for maintaining strong contact.

With emails, you can also send much longer messages than you could on the phone to give your friend or lover proper updates on your life.

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There are many apps that can help long-distance friends and couples stay in contact.

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At the end of the day, don’t be afraid if you are heading into a long distance relationship or friendship. Yes, it might be a challenging adjustment, but happiness and commitment are possible if you’re both willing to put in the work. There is a multitude of ways to maintain strong contact at a distance. Whether you’re a handwritten letter fan or you prefer to video chat, there are ways to stay in contact that suit every personality.