Best tips to craft a good essay

Essay crafted and drafted by an individual is a reflection of their personality and character. But more importantly, looking into the practical aspect, essays can sometimes even determine your grades and scores in school and college. It gives the reader a sense of the potential the writer has.

Some students may refer to essay typer in order to get a good essay writing service but it is important to bring some sense of originality in the essay. This is why here are some essential tips to follow in order to craft a worth-reading essay:


It is important for every writer to brainstorm before starting. This is a no brainer. It is imperative to plan out each and every aspect of the essay before heading towards the actual writing process. It prevents the writer to miss out on the important features of the draft. In order to get each and every idea in proper flow, have a systematic approach. Get things divided into proper categories and write the essay once done with brainstorming.

Develop three basic parts

Each essay is to be divided into three fundamental paragraphs. There is no maximum limit for the paragraphs that can be included but every essay is divided into at least three parts termed as ‘introduction’, ‘body’ and ‘conclusion’. Introduction sets up the essay which indicates the reader what the essay will be about. Body describes the main idea and is the core of the essay. Conclusion is the final summary which finalizes the essay.

Be specific

Essays are not stories and needs to be specific. It is imperative to be focused on what the main objective of the essay is. Figure out what the essay is about and concentrate on it only. Make sure everything included in the essay relates directly to the ultimate objective. This is one of the aspects where some students fall short. It is essential to be on-the-point in order to grab attention of the reader or else the readers will lose interest.


Errors are certain. Even the professional experts in essay writing commit mistakes while producing drafts. Read the essay carefully and check for the all the errors made. Look out for spelling and grammatical errors. It is also recommendable to ask someone to have a look. They will more likely check the mistakes that you will not be able to check. Proofread twice and make all the corrections. This is how you can produce an accurate and error-free essay.

Get feedback

This is one of the important tips that every writer needs to follow once they are done with the draft. Show it to friends, family and teachers and get feedback from them. Ask whether it makes sense. Consider the reviews and make the relevant changes. But that doesn’t mean not sticking to your original idea. Have your own stand and make sure essay is all about what you want to tell the readers and not someone else.