REAL Blockchain Summit held in Singapore boosts the blockchain industry from a global perspective

Nearly 100 guests caused a sensation in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

March 22nd, the REAL Blockchain Summit, co-host by 99EX and SLibrary, was held in Singapore. Nearly 100 industry experts from China and Southeast Asian markets, outstanding project partners and capitalists have talked about the latest policy direction and application trends of the global blockchain. With an international perspective and a foothold in the Southeast Asian market, SLibrary will build a platform for the communication of high-quality project ideas at home and abroad through this summit, thus contributing to the development of China’s and even the global blockchain industry.

This summit includes Mr. Zhu Feida, Professor of Singapore Management University, Dr. Yu Jianing, President of Huobi University, Mr. Meng Yan, Vice President of CSDN, Dr. Zhou Hongming, founder and CEO of HomiEx, Block VC CEO Chen Jiu, Coldlar Wallet COO and Co-founder Zhang Yu, as well as outstanding project partners, capitalists and media representatives from Singapore and Southeast Asia. Participants shared their latest views on digital assets and the application of new economy, exchange economic system, blockchain in education, film and television, real estate and other industries.

Ms. Lily Yan, founder and CEO of SLibrary, said in her speech that Singapore is a hot land in mature financial countries to actively embrace blockchain technology. With its open attitude and mature regulatory governance system, Singapore has attracted global benchmarking projects to gather here. According to the logic that any technology must be combined with application and commerce, SLibrary is optimistic that digital economy A, B, C, D, E can empower the industry, and have run out of good companies and good projects for good commercial applications. In 2019, Singaporean SLibrary was committed to providing one-stop marketing communication, media distribution, brand public relations, community building, capital docking and more international services for outstanding global blockchain projects and teams, supported by the Southeast Asian and Chinese markets.

Jonny Zhuang, Co-Founder of 99EX, concluded the status quo of the global digital currency exchange, believing that at present, there are many digital currency exchanges in the world, with poor trading experience, insufficient trading depth, single trading mode, inaccessible currency threshold on head exchanges, and high security risks on small and medium-sized exchanges. Therefore, small and medium-sized exchanges need to be prepared before the next bull market comes so that they will have early chances to get ahead.

Mr. Zhu Feida, Professor of Singapore Management University, Founder of Symphony Protocol, analyzed the role of blockchain in data privacy from the perspective of big data. In his speech ” Blockchain: Enabling Digital Assets and New Economies “, Zhu Feida pointed out that the development of data has evolved from accessory to rare resources owned by a few people, and future data will become a shared asset for all organizations. Blockchain can bring transparent and complete data history, credible data control mechanism and well-designed data and identity protection measures.

In his speech “From Digital Exchange to Digital Bank”, Mr. Meng Yan, Vice President of CSDN, reviewed the development process of traditional currency and bank and pointed out the development direction of digital currency exchange. Meng Yan believes that in the traditional financial system hierarchy, individuals, unlisted/listed companies, commercial banks and central banks have different rights to issue different bills, but the emergence of blockchain breaks these hierarchies and everyone can issue tokens. He believes that in an open financial environment, crypto exchanges are almost crypto banks, which issue or support stable currencies through the wallet + account structure, create credit in user accounts, and have transparent and auditable data and processes.

Several blockchain projects elaborated their understanding and application practice of blockchain from the dimension of their respective industries.

When talking about Blockchain+Education, Masteryman, Founder of Magic Stone Link, said that with the help of interactive workload, we have seen the huge prospects of AI-based Blockchain in the educational industry.

Mr. Jeff Walt, President of FRENZYCOIN, who is engaged in film and television, believes that the technological characteristics of the blockchain give it natural advantages for protecting, processing and tracking the copyright data of film and television culture, and can solve the whole process management problems of copyright confirmation and use. At the same time, blockchain can reduce the threshold of copyright protection, reduce the cost of copyright transaction and improve efficiency.

Troy Ciesco, project leader of LENDGER, a real estate crowdfunding blockchain project, said in his speech “The Future of Real Estate and Crowdfunding”, that the blockchain is changing people’s perception of real estate, investment and crowdfunding. At present, there are many pain points in real estate and crowdfunding. Blockchain can provide solutions in terms of transaction speed, transaction fees, transparency, intelligent contracts and tapping liquidity potential.

During the panel discussion chaired by Dr. Yu Jianing, President of the University of Huobi, guests from exchanges, project parties and capital shared wonderful cases and Prospects on the application of blockchain.

Dr. Zhou Hongming, founder and CEO of HomiEx, went to the development of centralized exchanges and said that exchanges are an important link in the field of digital currency. Although centralized transactions have many disadvantages, they cannot be avoided. However, with the development of technology in recent years, many traditional exchanges have also launched de-centralized trading platforms. It is believed that with the development of high-performance public chains in the future, the popularization of de-centralized exchanges will succeed, thus improving the credit problems faced by the central exchanges.

Chen Jiu, founder and CEO of Block VC, said that there are many misunderstandings about the application of blockchain in the market, and many projects seemed to be applying blockchain technology, but in fact they not only need to be applicable but also be useful. In fact, blockchain technology has been useful in many aspects, but it is in a business sense, so most end users do not feel blockchain.

According to Zhang Yu, co-founder and COO of Coldlar Wallet, blockchain is a typical technology of financial science and technology. At present, it faces two major obstacles. Firstly, the imperfection of security infrastructure has led countries to tighten the governance of blockchain industry, because it cannot protect the interests of investors. In addition, the threshold to participate in digital currency is still high for ordinary users, many users are not easy to grasp the relevant operations. He believes that the core of the application of blockchain lies in the breakthrough of digital asset payment technology.

Wu Mingyuan, deputy director of China Business Intelligence Unit China Global Tourism Research Center,founder and CEO of China Capital Holdings,talked about the application of the blockchain from the perspective of the development of the exchange and the platform coin. He said the exchange had traffic, which led to the development of the platform coin. Many exchanges have developed from the past trading business to media, project incubation, research institutes and other businesses, and then introduced other industries such as agriculture, film and television, electronic cigarettes into the blockchain. In this way, talents from many other industries are attracted to the blockchain field, which will be conducive to the successful application of the blockchain.

Eva Yoon, head of Asia-Pacific market of Blockwater Capital, sees the applications of the blockchain from a game perspective. She said that many projects have good ideas when looking for investment, but there is no deep thinking about the value of their own currency issuance. But game projects are very familiar with the mechanism of coin, so as investors, they will see many game projects. Blockchain game combines gamers and coin players. It has a very good expansibility to turn game users into blockchain users, so it will continue to pay attention to the game.

After the successful holding of the REAL Blockchain Summit in Singapore, more future editions will be held in many cities around the world, providing a platform for resource integration for the global blockchain industry.

About the hosts

99EX, from the world’s largest digital asset exchange OKEx. The core team of Open Exchange comes from senior people in the field of Finance and investment. Based on a deep understanding of the blockchain, we are committed to innovative development in the area of blockchain and create a benign ecosystem of the global blockchain, creating an international and innovative trading platform, providing professional services for global blockchain projects and users, and creating new value of digital assets.

SLibrary is the leading platform of the digital economy industry in China. It is composed of China Media Group, a well-known cultural media group in China. The core founding team consists of the top management team of listed companies and the primary and secondary markets. TMT Industry researcher, senior financial and economic media personnel, etc. SLibrary is committed to promoting “Digital economy + Real economy ” Effective integration. By providing in-depth original industry reports, industry research reports, company research and analysis reports, digital economy private meeting brand salons, high-end forum activities of blockchain technology and other products and services, SLibrary helps the real industry. “ Blockchain +” , “ Digitization +” Iterative upgrading of new models and applications will provide one-stop marketing, research and consulting solutions for traditional enterprises and high-quality enterprises in the field of digital economy that need digital economic empowerment.