10-Capital Review – A Comprehensive Broker for Your Trading Needs

Have you decided to become a trader? If you are ready to begin, you first need to look for a broker because they can provide you access to a platform from where you can invest in the market of your choice. The problem is that choosing a broker can be a tough decision to make these days because there are tons of options at your disposal. Some claim to offer the most innovative platforms, others say they have the lowest charges. But, if you are looking for a comprehensive option where you can find the best of everything, it is none other than 10-Capital. It can provide trades with security, convenience as well as innovative and affordable trading. How? Let’s take a look:

Trading Basics

Before you look at anything else, you need to know exactly what kind of trading 10-Capital has to offer to you. No matter what asset you choose to trade on the platform, you should be aware that the broker supports CFD trading i.e. Contact for Difference. This type of trading doesn’t involve actually buying the asset in question. Put simply, these are positions that take on a trade i.e. you can either choose to buy or sell while predicting the price movement of the asset in question. If the asset moves in accordance with your prediction, you will earn a profit.

Trading Platform

Once you know what kind of trading 10-Capital has to offer, the next thing you need to evaluate is its trading platform. The kind of platform provided by a broker can have an impact on your overall experience because you will use it for making your trades. Every trader wants a platform that allows them to execute trades quickly because some market such as cryptocurrency tend to move very fast. Likewise, they also want access to the latest tools and information in real-time and they don’t want to spend hours learning how to make use of them.

10-Capital kept all of this in mind when designing their trading platform so they have provided their users with access to a robust option. From the functionality to the user interface as well as integration of tools, 10-Capital has managed to outdo all its competitors. Furthermore, the broker has ensured that users can access it via web browser, download it on their desktop computer or install the app on their mobile devices and still get access to the same cutting-edge features and functionality.

Trading Products

The asset index that 10-Capital has to offer makes it clear that it is a broker to be reckoned with. You are not dealing with just any broker that offers a handful of assets as it offers you a huge variety. The assets offered by this broker belong to different asset classes, which include commodities, foreign exchange, indices, stocks and cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of assets within these classes that you will find on 10-Capital. You can trade forex currency pairs with easily and the broker gives you access to the common as well as rare forex pairs. You can trade currencies such as CAD, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD etc.

In the case of indices, you will find some big names like NASDAQ, DAX, FTSE and more. Moreover, even when trading commodities via 10-Capital, you have access to unlimited options. You can invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and or opt for soft commodities including wheat, coffee, corn and cocoa. The broker has also incorporated cryptocurrencies in its asset index for the benefit of its traders. These are a hot commodity these days so you can trade some of the popular cryptocurrencies via 10-Capital such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The broker gives you all the opportunities you need for diversifying your portfolio and minimizing your risk.

Account Types

Regardless of what you do, it is human nature for everyone to want to make their own choices and not have to do anything due to pressure. Unfortunately, some brokers offer limited account options to traders thereby pressuring them to opt for something they are not fully comfortable with. 10-Capital has no intention of doing that and it has taken the upper hand by giving its users the option of choosing between six account types. Some of these account types are better suited for beginners whereas others are for skilled and professional traders. You can choose an account, depending on what level you are at.

One of the most appealing fact for traders is that the requirements set forth by 10-Capital for the basic account are very simple and convenient. You can get started with it by depositing 500 EUR, which earns you a loyalty bonus of 10%. Through this account, you get trading signals once a day, a junior account manager for 2 weeks, get daily market review, 10% insurance level and 24/5 customer support. The Silver account is the second option with a deposit requirement of 10,000 EUR. It also comes with trading alerts, advanced charts, 20% loyalty bonus, trading signals, saving account and WhatsApp support too.

The third account type is called the Gold Account, which has a minimum deposit requirement of 100,000 EUR. It offers all features in both basic and Silver accounts and has some extra perks like full access to the education center, webinars, exclusive updates, 30% loyalty bonus, trading signals twice a day, 30% insurance, unlimited access to both junior and senior account managers and group of analyst. The fourth account option is Platinum that starts with a deposit of 250,000 EUR, carries 60% loyalty bonus as well as insurance level, provides trading signals three times a day and offers money management support.

The fifth account type is the Diamond account that you can open with a deposit of 500,000 EUR. Insurance and loyalty bonus both increase to 80%, trading signals ca be obtained as many times as you want and you also get invited to VIP events. The last account type is referred to as the Millioner Club and a hefty sum of 1,000,000 EUR has to be deposited, but it gives full access to everything that 10-Capital has to offer. Plus, you get 100% bonus and insurance.

Payment Methods

It is extremely important to check how easy or difficult it is to send and receive money from your account with a broker. Since 10-Capital cares about its clients as you can see in many online 10-Capital reviews on other blogs and sites, it has ensured that they have access to as many payment methods as possible, for both deposits and withdrawals. Customers are free to use their debit or credit cards as they are quite quick. The best part is that 10-Capital supports more than just Visa and MasterCard. Other than that, bank wire transfers are also open or you can also opt for e-payments as they are fast and secure. However, one thing you need to remember is that the time taken for processing a transaction can depend on the method you have selected.


With the increasing number of cyber-attacks, security has become a priority for everyone, including traders. After all, you are entering your personal and confidential information and you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. When you opt to sign up with 10-Capital, you can enjoy peace of mind because the broker has paid special attention to its security and privacy policies. All information that’s entered on the website is immediately encrypted, which means it cannot be accessed or manipulated by unauthorized parties.

The safety of your funds is also important, no matter how big or small amount you have chosen to deposit. 10-Capital is properly regulated, which means it is subject to strict rules and regulations. Customer funds are kept segregated and no one has access to them so there is no risk of misappropriation. Moreover, the broker has also implemented Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know your Customer (KYC) policies to prevent fraud and money-laundering via its platform.

Customer Service

The level and quality of customer service that a broker has to offer can often make or break it. Poor customer service is one of the top reasons why traders choose to switch brokers. However, you will definitely not be disappointed by the level of customer support that 10-Capital has to offer. They have ensured that customers can reach out to them in multiple ways to get their problems resolved as quickly as possible. You can send your query in via email, use the live chat option or even fill out the online form on their website. Phone numbers are also given for quick contact.


At this point, it is safe to conclude that 10-Capital is indeed a comprehensive solution for your trading needs. It has given every trader the opportunity to enjoy access to a versatile and commendable platform through which they can diversify their investment portfolio and polish their skills as a trader. They also provide access to a range of tools and features that can help during the trading process and reliable customer support just completes the whole package.