Anbes D42 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review.

If you love music as much as I do, you will want earbuds that would make you not only listen to music but feel it. There are so many types of earbuds available in the market today and making the right choice can be sometimes overwhelming. Whether you need earbuds for just music or even helping you to make the calls, Anbes D42 wireless Bluetooth earbuds are the right deal for your needs.

They provide the needed comfort and ease of use as they are compatible with all Bluetooth equipped mobile devices. It boasts of a host of features including Bluetooth 5.0, automatic pairing/connection, dual stereo HD mics that allow use of both earbuds for phone calls, touch surface for all functions, approximately 4 hours of playback time on one charge as well as up to 4 charges from the charging case before the case needs to be recharged.


Its design is the first thing that you will note as it comes in a great appealing case. While some people may consider their appearance, it may not be of so much importance if the earbuds are of low quality. It has superb Sound Quality: Sound quality always comes first for Bluetooth earbuds, Anbes D42 features customized speaker, noise-cancelling technology and amazing stereo deep bass, allow you isolated music world even in noisy environment. Adoption of most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology enables more stable connection, no cut in and out, with an effective range of 33 ft, low latency. The built-in mic supports stereo binaural talk.

Other outstanding features are:

· IPX5 Waterproof: Not like other wireless earbuds, Anbes D42 not only protect the earbuds from sweating, but also from the raining, which is a perfect match for outdoors men and fitness enthusiasts. But please do not submerge it into the water (Like a drop in the river or pool).

· Long Battery Life: The battery status of the wireless headphones will be displayed on ISO devices. 3.5 Hrs play/talk time on full charge, which means the earbuds can work 17-18 hrs when the charging case is fully charged, so don’t worry running out of power when you stay outdoor all day.


It is very simple to operate. It does not need any complicated skills are needed to use these earbuds, they will auto-power on and interconnect when to take out of charging case. Just select “Anbes D42” on your device for the first connection, they will auto-pair ever since. The extremely lightweight and ergonomic design make sure no sliding during wearing, 3 silicone ear tips different in size will fit all group of people. Support volume control!

Anbes D42 wireless Bluetooth is designed to be lightweight, compact and its level of sound quality is top notch.


This pair of earbuds is compatible with all the mobile devices that are able to connect to Bluetooth.


While there are so many earbuds available in the market today, choosing the right one with the right features may be a hard task and if you are unsure, it is recommended that you should get assistance from a professional. All in all, Anbes D42 wireless Bluetooth earbuds combines all the features that you may need and at the most affordable prices in the market.