The Top Social Tools For Your Real Estate Business

As a realtor, being ahead of the game on the home buying process is imperative. A big part of this in recent years has been being great at social media, which is constantly what home buyers are using to find their first or next home. However, with how fierce the real estate market is, being on top of your game with social isn’t always easy, which is why we’ve provided a few helpful tools to consider. Check them out below:

Magic Social

One of the biggest aspects of being successful for realtors on social is finding the right audience for home buying. Especially considering this is one of the biggest investments someone is going to make in their lifetime, being able to have social media be the entry point can be a tough bargain, which is why you need to focus on the visual elements. That’s why starting with Instagram is a solid bet, and Magic Social can be a huge help.

Magic Social helps you gain real Instagram followers via targeted growth. This can be a huge help in landing first time home buyers, especially when you consider that as noted by Hootsuite, 34 percent of Instagram users are millennials. As a solid tool for building up your foundation as a realtor, this can get you an audience quickly via genuine engagement. Check it out for yourself if you’re looking to get a millennial base of buyers with relative ease.

Adobe Premiere

As we mentioned with visuals being important for home buying on Instagram, the same rings true for YouTube as well. According to Adweek, 86 percent of home shoppers are now using YouTube to learn about a home, which goes to show that the virtual tour is becoming one of the most prominent buying tools out there. And while you don’t have to be an expert videographer, you do need to consider getting yourself acclimated with a video editing software like Adobe Premiere.

If you’re not familiar, Adobe Premiere is a part of Adobe’s suite of creative products like PhotoShop and InDesign, and like those other products, Premiere is well equipped to get the job done. With a robust list of services available, you might need to give yourself a few tutorials to catch up and get acclimated, but it’s well worth the effort. As video tours are something you’ll need to keep up with other realtors, take the opportunity to work with Premiere a little bit, as it’s one of the best video production products out.


Even though great video is a core visual element for being a realtor, so is being able to take great photos on the go. Beyond just photos of a home, buyers also want to see a sense of culture and community around the homes you’re displaying as well. Part of this is displaying things through the lens of your brand in creating consistent, quality content, which is where VSCO can be a major help.

VSCO, which stands for Visual Supply Co, is a photo editing software for when you need photos on the go. With a clean, crisp design, VSCO is a huge help in getting your photos to look consistent, including with custom filters and editing tools. This can be incredibly useful when you need to keep an attractive look for your photos because as noted by Lyfe Marketing, utilizing geotags increases engagement by 79 percent; which will help tremendously in aiming for the top of Discover on Instagram. Plus, with a strong community of photographers, VSCO can help you study what other photographers are doing to make their photos look perfect.

Facebook For Business

Finally, once you’ve gotten your skillset down with your current set of tools, it’s time to graduate along to paid efforts. Although it can seem like a scary prospect to consider, it’s also one of the best ways to get an ROI on your marketing efforts. Despite those realtors in your area who probably are already on top of buying paid ad spaces, there’s still plenty of opportunities to develop a strategy to beat them to the punch. A big part of that, however, is learning the flagship advertising platform for Facebook and Instagram, Facebook for Business.

As noted by Fronetics Real Estate, 76 percent of b2c marketers are now using Facebook Ads, which means this is the industry standard practice across the board and something you should learn. While it’s true you can set certain criteria within the platform such as “people looking for a home,” there are a plethora of options as well, including potential income, race, origin, and the list could go on. Furthermore, Facebook For Business can help you see which posts are the most successful through their rich analytics platform, giving you a sense of how to improve into the future. Although it might take a little bit of learning to catch on, consider getting into Facebook for Business to boost your real estate leads from social in no time.

What are some strategies you’ve used as a realtor to pick up more buyers from social media? Comment with your answers below!