The Right Way to Clean Your Car

Cleaning your vehicle properly is one of the most overlooked aspects of automobile care. Thousands of dollars can be lost just from neglecting to wash, polish, and protect it. Taking good care of your car goes a long way. Not only does this make your car more attractive, it can ultimately increase your car’s resale value.

Rinse and Wash

Dirt, mud, grime, and dust will always find their way to your car. Washing them off is a way to remove them off the exterior of your vehicle. Car washing soap should be used as the primary cleaning agent. Never use liquid detergent or dish cleaner as they can damage the paint and wax. Before washing it, you should rinse your car first to remove dirt that may graze your vehicle. After rinsing, use a microfiber car towel to avoid damaging it.

Take Care of the Windows

Household glass cleaners are likely to contain ammonia which can cause damage to a car’s window tint. To avoid this, you should use an auto window cleaner instead. This guarantees that the windows are not harmed when cleaning them.

Cleaning the Wheels

When it comes to wheels, you need to use a product that is specifically made for your type of wheel. If you’re not sure what wheel type you are using, it is best to use an acid-free pH balanced aluminum wheel cleaner, as it is the least powerful in acidity levels and can be used on all types of wheels.

Ready the Surface

If you feel bumps in your car after having it washed, this is likely to be bonded contaminants that have hardened on top of the aluminum or steel over time. This will also make your car’s scratches and paint oxidation easily seen. A clay bar can be used to remove these contaminants. When used correctly, it removes everything off the car surface except for the paint. You can then knead it into a flat wafer and use a detailer as lubricant. This way, you can run it across the surface of your car. When the car has a carbon fiber hood instead of the usual aluminum or steel, using a sealant rather than clay is recommended because carbon fiber requires a slightly different way of caring.

Protect it with Wax

Wax fortifies your vehicle with another layer of protection. It protects your car from UV rays to prevent fading and serve as a film that guards it from anything that might fall on the paint. There are two types of wax forms available, carnauba or polymer. Polymer is a bit pricier, but it is easier to apply.

Maintain a Shine and Protection

To help maintain your car’s shine and protection after all the washing, cleaning, and waxing, it is best to keep a spray detailer and microfiber cloth in your trunk. These can be used when you want to remove grime, rain residue, dirt, or any unwanted material that goes on your vehicle. If you think it takes too much time to perform all these tasks, a one-step cleaner wax can be an ideal solution to clean, polish, and protect your car with one product.

Sometimes certain vehicles require a specific method to take care of them. When this is the case, it is best that you get help from either the manufacturer online or read up on information on automotive blogs. This way, you can ensure that you are using the right tools and products when washing your car. When you take time to care for your vehicle, you are bound to thank yourself in the end.