The best mattress for people with back pain

Mattress choice is a really difficult task even in ideal conditions because we’re all unique and need to choose it based on our needs and wishes to guarantee us a satisfying experience while sleeping. It gets even harder when we’re talking about mattresses for different health conditions, and a special position in that list is back pain. This kind of pain often causes uncomfortable feelings while sleeping or just laying in the bed. We’ve decided to try to make this task a little easier and find some overall features that fit those people’s needs and also choose the best mattresses in that category.

So, what’s the main focus while choosing such mattress? First of all, such features as its ability to support a body, firmness, size, ability to ‘hug’ a body, good pressure allocation and of course many more. You surely shouldn’t forget the price too. We’ll discuss every of those and then tell you our opinion on what’s the best mattress for people suffering from back pain. So, let’s waste no more time and begin with our little test!

Support for lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most disturbing and common problems among people with back pain. Lower back pain during the night can lead to sleep issues which often have lots of serious health damages to follow. Using a wrong mattress can cause even further back problems, and we certainly don’t want to see this happening. In order to avoid this, you need to choose a mattress capable of offering a decent lower back support while sleeping. Don’t confuse support with firmness, those are two different categories. A soft mattress can have amazing support qualities, and if course the other way round. The main result of a good support is your spine always being aligned without any comfort losses. The mattress that doesn’t suit your body won’t be able to support your body as good as you need it to, and could even worsen the discomfort. If your mattress bends down, is too soft or too firm, your spine and muscles should work even while sleeping and don’t have any time for relaxing, and it makes the situation worse.

Pressure points between the body and the mattress

One more important thing about choosing a mattress is to pay attention to certain places where your body contacts the mattress, so-called pressure points. Some mattresses are applying too much pressure to those points because the push-back is too hard. It means that they also don’t suit your body well, which isn’t very good. For most people, it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but with back pain, it should be avoided, cause there’s a risk of worsening the situation and getting some serious spinal problems even in the short-term future. Ideally, your mattress should fit your body perfectly and even ‘hug’ it.


Mattress’ firmness is an important component under any circumstances but if you suffer from back pain it can really be crucial for your health. Some people are sure that the firm mattresses are best suited for the people with back pain, but it isn’t quite true. A very firm mattress doesn’t repeat natural curves of one’s body and can, therefore, cause further problems. A mattress that is too firm can’t ease the pain, it just doesn’t let your muscles relax during the sleep. It’s a common knowledge in our industry that the ideal fitness for the people suffering from back pain is medium to slightly higher, like 5-7/10. It’s an ideal figure that guarantees you a mattress soft enough to sleep comfortably, but also firm enough to not let your body drop too deep and not leave it with no support below whatsoever.

Mattress type

The great news for people with back pain is that nowadays the companies offer a wider variety of mattresses than ever before, some of which can give you the long-awaited relief thanks to the use of innovative materials and clever engineering.

The two main technologies that can ease the pain at the moment are memory foam and latex. It doesn’t really matter if it’s osteochondrosis, hernia or something else — the condition will improve.

● Memory foam mattresses perfectly adapt to your body’s shape and curves, which is very important when having to deal with the back pain.

● Latex mattresses offer you a great support and comfort. The natural feeling of bounce that it gives is very comfortable and pleasant for the people diagnosed with a hernia, for example, and other spine problems too. Latex mattress adapts to the body shape and weight, making the spine aligned.

Comfort and cooling

If you manage to get better airflow through your mattress, you simultaneously improve the overall oxygenation of your body. Better oxygenated cells lead to better inner temperature regulation, which, in turn, is very important if you ever feel too warm or too cold for no reason in the night. Better airflow helps reduce lower back pain, muscular pain and done other kinds of pain by improving your blood circulation and regenerating the cells.

What’s the best mattress for back pain?

Modern mattress market gives us an amazing choice of products for everyone, including people with back pain. We’ll tell you a little bit about three of them that provide the best price-quality ratio in our opinion.

Leesa. From the first try on Leesa never fails to impress you with its perfect balance between comfort, back support, and cooling. It’s a great choice for that price ($865), not only for people suffering from back pain but for everyone.

Loom&leaf by Saatva. High support quality, great push back and an innovative cooling system that involves natural materials. You won’t find many better combinations for $1099 these days, believe us.

Amerisleep Colonial. Modern materials are being used in different layers which makes you feel a bit softer while using it without getting any losses in back support. Mattress’ design is totally up-to-date, and it’d be shocking if it weren’t so for $1499. Great choice, but a bit more expensive than the previous ones.

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The mattress can play a huge role in the life of people suffering from back pain, it can ease it as well as only make the situation worse. You need to take into account its firmness that can guarantee you an aligned spine throughout the night. Natural latex or memory foam can surely be deemed as two of preferable types of mattress material, that can provide relief by finding a balance between the comfort and spinal support. If you find such a fitting mattress, your life can literally change. For good, of course.

We’ve tried to look at this topic from different points of view and we sincerely hope that this article will help you choose a new mattress more wisely if you’ve got back pain.

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