Why your Limousine Taxi must be commercially insured?

When you are taking a ride in a commercial taxi, what information do you collect? You will say, driver details and taxi plate right! Well, friends, you are making a big mistake then. Well, you must pay attention towards commercial taxi insurance.

To understand why commercial insurance of your limousine taxi is the most for you to know, first let me explain what a commercial insurance is.

Commercial taxi insurance is the insurance cover for the vehicle damage and the liability associated with it. Either you self-drive or use driver services from a taxi agency, the commercial insurance coverage both the party losses and damages. Therefore checking on the business license for your taxi is a must.

What you need to understand here is, when you take a commercial taxi, ‘you’ over here, that means the passenger is the liability associated with the vehicle and so if anything happens to the car or you, you will be insured apart from your insurance if the taxi is covered under commercial insurance.

If you are traveling in a commercial taxi with commercial insurance, you will automatically get covered under the taxi’s insurance.

The commercial taxi insurance will cover you as its liability, for any loss, injury to you or your luggage, medical payment or treatment bills or funeral expenses if the taxi you are riding meets with an accident.

Benefits of commercial taxi insurance

  1. Vehicle insurance in case of damage, collision, etc
  2. Coverage for liability associated with vehicle, like passenger or luggage
  3. Third party insurance cover in case of a significant loss
  4. Coverage other than that of crash
  5. Driver and passenger coverage in case of the self-drive commercial taxi.
  6. Additional medical payments for coverage of treatment, hospitalization or funeral cost.
  7. Coverage for towing the cab and its labor cost.

Well, what’s more, if your commercial limousine taxi is insured, you will be paid for the transportation if you needed a substitute while your cab broke down. You will also be covered through commercial insurance even if you are uninsured or underinsured. That is a significant relief!

Commercial insurance is a step ahead of road safety. Taking a taxi ride that is commercially insured makes you feel even safer to travel and provides you special trust on your taxi service.

When you are taking an airport limo transportation service, you don’t have to worry at all, since all their limousine taxis are covered under the commercial insurance.

To ensure your safety of travel the limousine service agency always shares its financial insurance number with you when you travel with them.

So next time you will be taking a commercial taxi ride, always ask to check the taxi retail insurance number. But never confuse with taxi’s insurance under the motor vehicle insurance and that under mechanical protection. Both are different things. If the cab has only motor insurance, it will not cover damages for you or the luggage. That is why a commercial insurance taxi is a must.