Simple Tips to Fix a Broken Zipper on Your Pants

Zippers are not unbreakable. A time will come when the zipper on your pants will go faulty. When this occurs, you may get annoyed and frustrated but there is nothing to worry about. You can go for wholesale zipper shopping but fixing it yourself is a preferable option. With a little effort, you may able to repair the broken zippers and tackle a number of other zipper-related problems in no time.

Here are the simple tips you must follow:

Fix the stuck zipper

When your zipper is not moving, then applying a lubricant would work. Rub graphite on the zipper’s teeth for better lubrication. If you don’t have graphite, then using Number 2 pencil would suffice.

If the graphite doesn’t work, then laundry soap can be a good replacement. Soap adds additional lubrication that will keep the zipper moving. If both things doesn’t work, then consider washing your pants or the item to remove dirt and grime which would otherwise get stuck in the zipper.

A separate zipper

The zipper can be prevented from staying closed when substances build up around the teeth. This creates the need of cleaning the teeth and remove stuff that could prevent the zipper from closing.

If the cleaning process fails, then fix the bent teeth to close the zipper. To do this, you will need certain tools like pliers to pull the teeth straight.

Problematic sliders

A lot of force is need when removing the zipper stops. If pliers are used, then be cautious that you don’t clench down to hard which would then damage the zippers. Once done, glide the slider off the teeth from the top and inspect it. Then replace the slider and check if the slider works. If the problem continues, then you might have bought the incorrect size. Try a different size of slider to get better results.

Quick fixes

If there are sudden problems, then these quick fixes can be beneficial. You can replace a broker pull with a paperclip. Furthermore, ring can be used to fix a pants zipper. Amongst all zipper concerns, slipping pants zippers are probably the most annoying ones. To fix it temporarily, annex a key ring on end of the zipper pull. Then move the zip up and hook the ring around button of the pants.

Moreover, if the zipper doesn’t operate correctly, then you can close it temporarily by forcing both sides of teeth together. Start from the bottom and move up until the zipper is closed. If there are buttons on the pant, then close them to keep the zipper closed. This is how it can manually be done.


Zipper problems are certain. Every other person who wear zipper pants face these problems very often. The best way to do so is purchase new zippers but you can solve the issue by yourself at home only following the tips listed above. Make sure you have the right tools before doing so.