How to Know When to Call the Plumber

In the age of do-it-yourself, it’s easy to just research “how to” instructions on the internet. Then, once you’ve accomplished your task, that little pat on the back feels pretty good. However, there are some areas where it’s better to leave it to the professionals. One of these areas is your plumbing. You might fancy yourself a novice plumber, and you might have even been able to fix a few leaks here and there. However, for bigger projects and problems, you could potentially do some irreversible damage to your plumbing. Here are a few situations where it’s just better to call the plumber.

1. When you’re out of hot water

It’s already painful enough taking a shower with cold water, but if you’ve gone for more than a day without hot water, you need to call the plumber. There might be an issue with your water heater. It might be leaking, or just plain broken. Other issues might be your circuit breaker might have a thrown switch, or your thermostat is having issues. Your plumber has had enough training to know how to help you identify whatever problems your water heater might be experiencing and how to fix it. Plus, if you need to replace your water heater, your plumber can help install it and get you back into warm water in no time.

2. When nothing is draining

If your tub isn’t draining and you’ve cleaned out more hairs than Rapunzel has on her head and still nothing is happening, you might need to call the plumber. This doesn’t just go for the tub, of course. It also applies to any sink or area of your house that has a malfunctioning drain. You might have an issue in your main sewer line, and the plumber will understand more about that and be able to diagnose the problem correctly. In that case, do not hesitate to contact a plumber Singapore service.

3. Your toilet is clogged and the plunger hasn’t helped

The plunger is an incredible invention that has saved many a clog, but even your plunger isn’t a cure-all. The danger of overusing your plunger is that you could damage the porcelain in your toilet or even break the toilet itself. This can cause large amounts of leaking; plus, your bathroom will smell pretty bad. To avoid this catastrophe, call the plumber.

4. Frozen or burst pipes

You might be able to thaw them yourself – or you might not. The risk and the cost is much higher, and so it’s best to call the plumber. Your plumber will know how to best address this issue. If the pipe is burst – absolutely, under any conditions, do not attempt to fix your pipes yourself. Your plumber will know how to replace the pipe. If you attempt to thaw or fix your pipes yourself, you may end up with extensive water damage. Plus, taking the time to do this yourself is a lot of unnecessary time. Is it really worth the money saved?

Overall, if you’re having problems with drains, frozen pipes and overflowing toilets, the best thing to do is calling a plumber. DIY is great when it comes to reupholstering your couch or adding new designs to your house, but it’s just best to leave some things up to those who know what’s best: the plumbers.