Sharing What We’ve Learned after Buying Custom Enamel Pins for the First Time

Buying your own custom enamel pins can be very satisfying. After all, the mere fact that the pin is designed specifically to meet your exact preferences means you get to possess something that is unique and has no equal. The same can practically be said even if you buy a pre-made custom pin. This is especially true if the pin you bought is high-quality and has sentimental value.

If you’re interested in getting your own custom pin as well, it’s understandable that you might find the notion daunting if you’re buying it for the first time. There are, more often than not, factors that you have to pay attention to in order to ensure that the final product would be to your liking (or even exceed your expectations). To address this, we have taken the liberty to provide you with the proper buying guidelines and essential information you need to know prior to making your decision.

Having experienced buying custom enamel pins for the first time in the past, we are more than willing to share what we’ve learned to you. Simply take the time to read the facts we’ve outlined below.

Types of Custom Enamel Pins

You should know beforehand that there is more than one type of these kinds of pins. To the inexperienced buyer, almost all enamel pins might appear the same but, in truth, they are often divided into two primary categories: soft and hard. While their materials are the same and overlap in the processes used to create, they differ largely in how they’re finished and the amount of metal and paint they contain.

Primary Differences of Soft and Hard Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins have their metal borders raised compared to their hard counterparts. If your pin has letterings, for instance, the outlines of the letters of soft pins can often be traced and felt using your fingers. The same can be said for just about any border or outline of the image that would be depicted on the pin.

Also, the paint of soft enamel pin is often air-dried while its counterpart uses heat. This makes the surface of hard enamel pins feel smoother to the touch. Furthermore, hard pins feel substantially heavier and thicker as well.

From the facts said above, it’s already apparent that hard enamel pins are more high-quality than their soft counterparts, and that they contain more paint practically seals the deal. This is also the reason why they’re more expensive. Interestingly, soft enamel pins are actually the more popular choice, but if you want to really ensure quality then don’t hesitate to go for pins with hard enamels. Ultimately, it would all boil down to your preferences.

Looking for the Best Place to Buy Them

Of course, since these pins are customized, you have to be proactive in looking for stores or individuals who are willing to create them for you. The best places to look online are in platforms that let people share their talents and specific creative skill. Etsy is a good example of this. In here, you can choose from numerous individuals and stores that you can commission to create your custom enamel pins.

Otherwise, you can just use Google to look for websites that offer this specific type of service. You have to make sure, though, that the website you choose is actually trustworthy, though. It should have ready lines of communication and should always be active in knowing your specifications and wants. It’s also better if they’re proactive in informing you about how they make their pins and what it is that you’re getting.

Incidentally, Etsy and the said websites also offer pre-made custom enamel pins of various designs in their respective platforms. In Etsy, for instance, you can just search for custom enamel pins’, and you’ll be provided with a comprehensive list of custom pins that are already for sale. If you’re still undecided on what design you want, this is the also best way to brainstorm for ideas.

Pricing & Delivery Concerns

If you have a strict budget allotted to buying these pins, it’s always preferable to commission a person for it. This is because individuals are more likely to offer you relatively cheaper prices and better deals. They are also more open to bulk deals and better-discounted rates. Keep in mind that these pins are almost always offered in batches, so it’s recommended that you take the time to know the price of each one.

But, as said above, you should always be mindful of their quality. It’s best to take note of reviews of past customers as well as the exact estimated delivery date. It’s often easy to gauge the professionalism of a pin-maker based on their online presence alone, and this mainly hinges on the details they provide on their website.