How to earn Money on YouTube

If you want to earn money from home, then YouTube is a great option for you. If you want, you can choose it as a part-time or full-time career.

YouTube is a free platform and here you can potentially earn millions without having to invest much. There are even school children who are earning thousands through YouTube. To make money on YouTube you will need to create professional, good quality videos to have a chance.

If you decide to give YouTube a go, then you will have to learn a few things, such as how to create a video, how to edit a video, how to do SEO and some things about the platform and how to use them to your advantage, like thumbnails, banners etc.

The basics to make a YouTube video

You should have some basic things to create a YouTube channel and upload content..

Computer or Laptop

To make a good and high-quality video you need a computer or at least a laptop. Without the computer, you will not be able to edit your videos well, and it is also easier to maintain your channel on a computer.


If you do not have a computer or laptop right now, you can also shoot a video with your smartphone and upload it to YouTube.

There are loads of video editing apps like KineMaster, Cyberlink PowerDirector or FilmoraGo that can help you create a reasonable video on your phone. It is hard to get professional sound and images just with your phone but is a cheap alternative for beginners.


If you are not happy with your phone’s camera and want to make a professional video, you could consider buying a DSLR camera. I recommend you buy a camera only when you have started earning with YouTube. You will have a better idea of what you need and how much you want to invest.


The audio quality of your uploaded video must be nice and clean. If your audio is not good then people will not understand your video. It is always better to use a professional microphone but there are cheap alternatives that do a reasonably good job. Like with the camera, it is better to invest first when you have enough experience to know what you need.

Video Editing Software

To make a good video you should consider video editing. There are many affordable, and even free, video editing programs, such as Filmora, Camtasia or Hitfilm that can help you to give your video a professional look.

Internet Connection

You will need a good internet connection to upload videos to YouTube, unless you do not mind waiting an hour for a video o be uploaded. Broadband connections are the best choice, although mobile internet connections can be quite speedy, the costs could get out of hand.

Select a Topic for your YouTube Channel

Before starting a YouTube channel, you have to decide on which topic you want to cover. It is not the best idea to randomly create a video on any topic.

Most people watch YouTube for two reasons, one is entertainment and the other is learn something, knowledge.

Now you have to decide on which subject you want to make a video. The more knowledge you have on a subject the bigger the chances that someone will want to see what you have to say..

Some of the more popular topics viewers are interested in are:

  • Technology (Gadgets, Internet, Blogging, YouTube)
  • Singing
  • Making Money Online
  • Dancing
  • Prank/ funny/ animal videos
  • Vlogging
  • Cooking
  • Beauty Tips
  • Motivational videos
  • Business tips

If you are interested in any of these topics, then you can create your own YouTube channel on them.

How To Create a YouTube Channel

Making channels on YouTube is quite easy, you only need a Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, then you can easily create a new account for free.

Tip: Tray to create a Gmail account with the same name as your YouTube channel.

First, you have to go to the website and click on SIGN IN to log in with your Gmail ID. The logo in your Gmail account will now appear in the top right corner of the YouTube channel. Now you have to click on the logo and click on Creator Studio.

After clicking Creator Studio, a new page will open, here you have to click Create a channel. Now you will have a box open, here you can confirm or change the name of your channel.

Uploading Videos

Video uploading on YouTube is quite easy. First you login to YouTube with your Gmail ID. After that, you will see a video logo on the top right corner. Click on it, and click on Upload Video. Now a new page will open, here you can upload the video either using the drag and drop option, or choosing the video directly from your computer.

It is obvious that you have to produce good videos to attract viewers but be very careful about using copyrighted material. You could get into legal trouble if you use images or music without permission.

Monetize Your YouTube Channel

To make money on YouTube, you have to enable monetization. For this you need a Google AdSense account and then join, and accept, the YouTube Partner Program Terms.

Important Note: To enable monetization on YouTube now, you need minimum 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of annual watch time on your channel.

The process of creating a Youtube channel is easy, and the costs to get started are low, but you still have to invest a lot of time and hard work before you actually start making money. It has paid out for a lot of people.