5 Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Tools 

With the evolution of modern day computer and the ease of access to the internet has made human life all not dependent on Digital information. People save all kinds of information and Critical data on their hard drive. It is very common to lose this data as well. You may find yourself in such a situation when either you delete any critical data by mistake or if your hard drive gets exposed to a virus and it crashed. When such a situation arises, people start thinking that they have lost their data forever, but the truth is that the data is still on the hard drive, but it’s just not accessible.

To be able to get back your lost data you might have to put in a considerable amount of effort. Manually recovering the data directly from my hard drive is not an easy job and require a lot of programming skills and technical knowledge. Sometimes when the device becomes faulty, it is possible to fix it and make it operable as before, but if the issue is critical enough, then you might have to look for alternative options. Luckily there are various Software Solutions available on the market that can help you recover your hard drive data. If you search on the internet, you will find 100s off data recovery tools that claim to be the best one available out there, but only a few of them have the required capability of recovering data when the hard drive is in a critical state. To help you select the right Software Solution we have listed down below 5 of the best data recovery tools.

1. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is considered to be one of the best software solutions available for Mac users. This solution is suitable for various kinds of data recovery problems and extremely simple to use. Just need to connect your faulty device to your Mac run the software and select the type of file purchase photo videos and text that you wish to Recover.

2. Whitefield

Whitefield is known to be another excellent solution to help people with their data recovery issues. Not only allows you to recover data from your hard drive but also from USB devices. It comes weather fast scanning speed which performs much better than many of its competitors.

3. NCH

NCH recovery software is also a great option if you are looking for some additional features. The Fortune not only allows you to recover your lost data but if you have some fun Prudential files, you can permanently erase them from the hard drive using this tool.

4. iCare

The level of accuracy that you get from iCare recovery tool is unmatched. If other devices are not able to scan your lost files, then do consider using this solution before you lose hope.

5. Apeaksoft

One of the most popular data recovery software of today is the Apeaksoft Data Recovery software. It is versatile not only regarding the devices it can recover but also the type of file that it supports. The solution is fast, and 100% save to use. The positive reviews that this software is it receiving from the users is what makes it such a big success.