Roomba Replacement Batteries – Your Choices

Robotics has been what has revolutionised our lives for better. Technical awesomeness apart, they have been helpful in making our daily routine a more comfortable option. Roombas, for instance, are the robotic devices that have been quite pleasant companions in your cleaning activities. But, even robots need human intervention for the efficient functionality. And the most essential aspect tends to be the batteries – or more humanely, the heart of the Roombas.

Roomba Replacement Batteries – Your Best Choices

Of course, Roomba is an excellent cleaning device par excellence. But, as with any other device worth its salt, you may come across a few woes. The most common woes you may face with Roomba is a dead battery. We thought of presenting a good list of replacements for Roomba Battery so that you can find the one that would best fit your needs. And yes, we will also discuss a few precautionary measures to take care of the battery.

ANewPow Lithium Roomba Replacement Battery

Well, being lithium batteries is what we would consider its strength. As we are aware, lithium batteries are real power boosters and help your Roomba run at extreme power.

The company has been entirely new in the replacement battery market but has been able to achieve a name for itself. It had compatibility issues when the products were initially launched, but that has become a thing of the past now, and ANewPow has become a household name, and a trusted one at that in the Roomba Batteries arena.

The replacement batteries are available for 500, 600, 700, and 800 Series devices.

PWR+ Extended Capacity Replacement Battery

PWR+ is worth the effort if you are looking for the high-efficiency Roomba batteries for your device. In fact, it does come with some extra features that would make it an excellent option for a replacement battery.

PWR+ has been associated with Roomba devices for quite some time now and has had an inspiring track record. In fact, several users and experts claim that the PWR+ batteries tend to offer over 50 percent better battery life in comparison to the original ones that came with your Roomba. If quality at affordable pricing is your choice, this is the best you can go with.

You can opt for the 30-day money back guarantee and one-year free replacement just in case anything goes wrong.

Tenergy Replacement Battery

Well, if you are a veteran with Roomba, you will swear by Tenergy. That’s because Tenergy has been synonymous with Roomba devices. In fact, the low price is what drives it as the primary option for Roomba battery replacement. But yes, the quality is excellent as well, a real value for money.

The manufacturers claim that the batteries last longer than the original batteries that your Roomba came with. However, reviews and checks have proved that Tenergy has been as effective as the original ones. In any case, you can consider them as value for money in the right sense of the word.

In fact, if you are looking for the best Roomba battery replacement pack, Tenergy may not be your pick. But if you are in a search for a value for money alternative, you can indeed check this out.

How Can You Extend Your Battery Life?

The batteries will die one day, of course. But, how about reducing the frequency? It can indeed be quite frustrating having to change the batteries now and then, and from that perspective, we assume the following precautions and tips can be essential.

Clean The Brushes

In fact, during its task to clean your floors, Roomba accumulates dust and debris on its brushes. This can make the brushes more tangled and rigid. Your Roomba will need to work harder to get the work done, and this costs the battery power. Clean up the brushes at least once a week.

Empty The Battery

This is what we need to do with every one of our devices that run on batteries. It may not be true in case of new cells, but there is no harm if you can discharge off your battery entirely say, once in a month. It is recommended that the first run of your new battery should be thoroughly exhausted before you can recharge it.

Use Roomba Quite Often!

Well, when you have bought Roomba to clean it, let him do it! Yes, it is, of course, a machine and machines stay in the pink of health if they are used on a regular basis. So, instead of keeping it on the charging dock or somewhere in the storeroom, do use it for common purpose and it will be the right way to take care of the battery.

Store It In a Cooler Place

That’s precisely what we need to do with all electronics. Ensure that you keep it in a more relaxed and drier place. Let it have an ample space around it so that it would be able to “breathe”. Keeping it away from the direct sunlight or any other heat source can also help prolong the life of the battery, and Roomba as a whole.

Parting Thoughts

So, that would be what we had in our mind when we started off. We assume we have been helpful in understanding about the best replacement batteries you can opt for your beloved Roomba. The precautionary tips for the better upkeep of your Roomba and its battery should go a long way in aiding you in getting a better service for prolonged periods of time.