How to Decide Whether to Buy Mattress from Online or Offline Stores?

These days, market is flooded with many different varieties of mattresses. Whether you visit any local store or try to search online, you will come across many companies that offer best quality mattresses and there is tremendous amount of competition. There is competition not only on price front, but also on quality. However, after searching in various local stores and also on the internet, the question is should we buy online or from a store?

Now let us see various pros and cons of buying any bed for sale for both the options and then make your decision. May be by reading this article, you can form your opinion and decide on your option.

Buying from any store

We have been buying various things from stores when internet did not have such an impact on our life. So, we are relatively familiar with this process. Here are few pros of this option


  1. You can physically see and feel the item

One of the most important reasons that people prefer to visit offline stores and not online stores is that you can physically see the item. This is much different from seeing the picture on the computer terminal. You can check the material, compare with others and decide whether it will match with your bed or not.

  1. Salesperson in the store can also guide you to choose the right mattress

If you have any question on your mind then the sales person is available, who will give you immediate answer. Online suppliers may have their customer service however you may not get an instant answer.

  1. You can revisit the shop if you are not fully satisfied

There is every chance that even after buying the mattress with a lot of consideration, you may need certain clarifications, help or you may like to change the item. In such case, it is much easier as compared to online dealing, where you have to wait for certain duration.

Let us now discuss about the cons of buying mattress from the local stores.


  1. Lack of time

Due to your busy schedule perhaps, you cannot spend enough time in the shop and choose, negotiate and make deals etc.

  1. Feel embarrassed to take trial with mattress

Many people feel uncomfortable to lie down on mattress to find out how much comfort it offers. Also by lying down on mattress for few minutes, you may not get correct idea about real sleeping experience on the mattress.

  1. Salesman may push you to buy the wrong item

Some of you may not be so aggressive to deal with the sales person and they may push you to buy some mattress that may not be the right choice for you. Also, you may end up buying an expensive mattress that may not fit your budget.

  1. You may get confused

By looking at many different varieties, you may get confused and cannot decide the right one for you.

Buying Mattress online

People these days prefer to buy online due to many conveniences it offers. Let us discuss the pros of buying online:


  1. Plenty of informed choice

While buying online too you get plenty of choices and each variety is explained properly which you can coolly read and make your decision. You can also see the reviews written by users which will help you to make better decision.

  1. Prices are usually cheaper online

Since online shops have much lower overhead expenses and neither they have to maintain expensive shops, hence it is usually cheaper.

  1. You can make comparison easily

You can compare the prices and quality without making too much effort.


  1. Cannot get real feel

By looking at the picture you cannot fully judge all aspects of the mattress.

  1. Hassle of returning

In case, the mattress is not as per your satisfaction then it can be a problem for certain new online companies.


You must do research online and decide all the things that you need. Then visit only those shops where you are getting the item of your choice and bargain the price based on your info gathered from online sources.

For those who do not want to spend too much time visiting stores may prefer to buy online as there is less frustration.