Premier Dead Sea Review – The Wisdom of Nature Bottled For Your Complete Body Care

Isn’t it ironic how a place called the Dead Sea supposedly has waters that could cure the worst of maladies and skin ailments! Well, legend has it, that the Dead Sea is blessed with medicinal properties that rejuvenate the body. Scientists and naturalists have discovered the presence of minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and silica in the waters, accounting for its “magical qualities”.

Dead Sea Premier, an Israeli skincare brand, established in 1990 is known for using these minerals extracted from the depths of the Dead Sea, to manufacture their vast range of skin care and cosmetics products. It is a part of the Haden Group, a household name in the cosmetics industry ever since 1979.

The Story behind Premier Dead Sea

It all started with a group of Russian scientists studying the consequences of space travel on astronauts, focusing especially on the effects of sagging skin. Thus in 1990, the first five premier products were manufactures along with the establishment of the first Premier’s Centre for Research. By 1994, the brand had gained quite a reputation in the cosmetic industry of Europe and even received many excellent reviews. It was in 1997, that Premier launched its line of skincare products in Israel and later ventured abroad.

Premier Dead Sea Cosmetics – Natural All the Way

Dead Sea has 32% salt content as opposed to the meager 3% found in other water bodies. This high saline composition stimulates your body’s circulatory system, great for curing body aches and even severe rheumatism. A quick dip in the Dead Sea waters cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it fresh and blooming. Premier has managed to bottle up and extract many of the salts of magnesium, calcium, and iodine that boost metabolism and aid the natural repair of cells. Dead Sea mud is a major ingredient in almost every skincare product that you will find here. To learn more about the healing powers of the Dead Sea, check Premier Dead Sea’s YouTube Channel for informative videos.

What Makes Dead Sea Premier Products So Special?

Dead Sea Premier products enjoy a lot of acclaim and loyalty across the international markets and currently hold a big chunk of the export business between Israel and Japan. The products are made from some of the most coveted, natural, as well as research-backed ingredients that work well on all skin types. So what makes Dead Sea Premier so popular and effective? The brand sure has some secret ingredients hidden up its sleeve that make its products inimitable and highly rejuvenating and refreshing for the human skin.

Dunaliella Seaweed

The Dead Sea is aptly named for its lack of any vegetation due to the high saline content. There is, however, a micro-alga that survives in the dark waters called the Dunaliella seaweed – it contains essential vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins.

Dead Sea Salt

Almost everything manufactured by Dead Sea Premier, from creams and scrubs to face washes, contains the salt extracted from the Dead Sea. The ingredient is one of its kind and has no other variant or alternative on the planet. Rich in magnesium, calcium, and chlorine, the salt works wonders on your skin. Your skin is a lot firmer, wrinkle-free, clear and glowing.

Dead Sea Black Mud

The black mud found in the deep seabeds of this water body is one of the most important ingredients of the Premier products. For starters, the mud has deep cleansing benefits that stimulate the skin cells and open your pores. Secondly, the mud mixed with the seawater can improve metabolism, enhance blood circulation and also repair any damages to the skin naturally.

Premier Dead Sea’s Skincare Products – Ruling the Market

Dead Sea Premier has a diverse range of cosmetics and body care products such as facial packs, anti-aging creams, and natural scrubs. One of the first skincare products launched by Dead Skin Premier is the Miracle Noir Mask. The “Biox” skincare products launched in 2007 are positioned as the natural alternative to complex plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

A year later, in 2008, Premier introduced a new line of skincare products called “Ageless Future” that contained a revolutionary ingredient to trigger cellular metabolism. It uses snake venom peptide for its cell regeneration process. The “Quartz-Gem” skincare routine of 2012 included anti-aging creams containing powdered rose quartz for rejuvenating dry, damaged skin. The Masca Negra skincare line is a recent addition to the list and uses natural, unadulterated plant fiber for making the face masks.

Awards and Accolades

Dead Sea Premier has been around for almost 25 years now and still going strong. In 2013, the brand was awarded the Cosmopolitan “Best of the Best award” and given the title of “Supreme Skincare” for its path-breaking range of products that were aimed at the elite. This year (in July 2017), the company teamed up with singer/actor Mariah Carey as its ambassador, who received about $1.4 million from the deal. Premier Dead Sea laboratories have won several accolades over the years including the GCI Magazine award in 2004, the HBA International Award (from 2004-2008), the Council for a Beautiful Israel (2008) and the most recent of all, the Cosmetics Business Innovation Award in 2013.

Premier Dead Sea – In The Crosshairs of Boycott-of-Israel Campaign

The research labs and testing centers of Premier Dead Sea, though under the undisputed territories of Israel, were targeted by the Boycott-of-Israel campaign in UK and Ireland. These campaigns aimed at maiming the economic framework of companies working from within the disputed territories of the country. The campaigners don’t really distinguish between the two regions and Dead Sea Premier was caught in the cross-fire for a while.

The Future of Dead Sea Premier

Dead Sea Premier started out as a small-scale cosmetic brand and now 25 years later is a globally renowned name catering to the luxury market with numerous praising reviews to its name. Its dedication to creating award-winning, high-quality skincare products from completely natural and organic minerals, supplemented with strong scientific research capabilities, is like a breath of fresh air in the face of unscrupulous companies that use harmful chemicals in their products. Now, that’s what makes winning brands, and Premier Dead Sea is certainly one.