A short guide to Cooler Bags

A time will come when you will probably need a cooler, either on a picnic or any other outdoor event. You can simply drag a regular cooler or go for something more portable which is more convenient and comfortable.

The best option is probably a cooler bag. But not all cooler bags have the same characteristics. XMU-Flybag may be for a different purpose whereas Yeti Hopper may be preferred for some other purposes. This creates a confusion on how to select the right one.

Here are some different cooler bags that can simplify your purchasing process:

Icemule cooler bag

The name speaks for itself. This is rated as one of the best insulated cooler bags in the market. It weighs 1.7 pounds and can hold over 12 cans. According to manufacturers, it can keep ice frozen for over 24 hours. When it is not in use, you can easily roll up the bag. The bag is highly durable.

Halfords electric coolbox

This is a heavy-duty bag that can keep the contents up to 18 degrees with no need for cool blocks. It is an ideal option for long car journeys and family camping. You can even power this bag from your car’s accessory socket which can keep it working as long as you want it to. The design is made to maximize its space. It can comfortably hold bottles upright. It is also made keeping in mind the maintenance factor. It is easier to clean and wipe.

Coleman small cooler bag

This is a very versatile option in the market right now. This bag can hold up to 9 cans and even have zippered pockets for extra storage. It can easily fit your needs. The customer reviews are also positive making it a desirable option in the market.

Cooler bag by Freddie and Sebbie

This bag is probably the best one made especially for picnic purposes. It weight just under one pound which makes it easier to carry. It has the ability to accommodate different sizes of containers and water bottles. It has the capability to pack different things. The removable liner comes out easily which makes it easier to clean. Another advantage of this cooler bag is the convenience it offers. When there is nothing in this bag, it can be easily packed into a suitcase. The durability this bag offers makes it suitable for different purposes as well.

Tivoli picnic cooler basket

This bag has a sturdy aluminum frame with 22 liter capacity. It is a highly spacious bag which can be stored easily when not in use. The handle can be comfortably held by the user even when the basket is filled to the top. There are also a number of accessories you can buy with this design. It features salad servers and picnic containers to maximize the functionality. It has the ability to keep the contents cool for up to seven hours. It is designed especially for picnic purposes.