How to Keep Your iPhone Secure No Matter Where You Go

Over the years, iPhones have gotten bigger and bigger. Although they are not nearly as big as an iPad, the larger screen makes it even easier to use iPhones for a variety of tasks, from playing games to sending work emails. Based on information Apple has released about the specs for new iPhones to be released in 2018 or later, the company plans to continue to produce large-screen iPhones while also offering smaller versions for those who prefer something a little easier to handle.

In fact, it’s not just the fact that a smaller iPhone fits nicely in one hand that makes them so appealing, but also the fact that they fit in a variety of pockets without much fuss.

If you own an iPhone 8 or X, you’ve surely encountered this problem before: you want to go put your phone in your pocket, but it sticks out comically, threatening to fall out if you change position ever so slightly, and feels ridiculously cumbersome.

How to Carry Your iPhone Securely

Don’t worry about trying to sell your iPhone to get a more convenient model. Try these carrying alternatives.

· iPhone holster. An iPhone holster clips securely to your belt loop or outside of your pocket and provides a heavy-duty carrying case that keeps your phone within reach at all times.

· Runner’s belt. Because fanny packs went out of style ages ago, runners now store their essentials in sleek belts with hidden internal pockets.

· Runner’s arm band. This might look odd if you’re not running or playing a sport, but in the summer you can strap your phone to your upper arm with a specially designed arm band.

· Purse or bag. Because things can get lost easily in the depths of a purse, buy a special clip-on holder that keeps your iPhone within easy reach at all times, or always put it in a certain pocket of the purse.

Other Important Security Considerations

· Waterproof container for the beach, pool and lake. If you’ll be anywhere near water, take the time to put your phone in a waterproof container. A Ziploc baggy will do just fine. We don’t think it’ll happen to us, but in a split second your expensive phone could bite the dust.

· Back up your phone. A modern-day nightmare is losing your phone completely. It could fall out of your pocket and into the ocean, only to be swept away before you can fish it out and attempt to dry it out. Now what are you going to do? If you’ve backed up your phone to the cloud, some of your stress can be mitigated.

· Protect your phone from impact. Be sure to use a protective cover for your phone that can withstand impact with concrete to avoid shattering your phone if you drop it.